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[DeleGate-En] POP3 mount
14 May 2009 04:13:40 GMT "Agus D." <>

I've installed POP proxy using delegated POP3. Our user distributed to
several servers. And we don't want our user to input user@server to their
email client configuration.
We already using POP3 mount to meet that requirement. The configuration in
our delegated start up :

MOUNT="user1 pop://"
MOUNT="user1 pop://"
MOUNT="user1 pop://"

But we found, only 256 users on the top of configuration that could use user
and password on their email client. The other should use user@server on
their mail client.
Is there any limitation of POP3 mount configuration ? And how to increase
number of POP3 mount ?

Another question, how much memory used to every connected session to
delegated ?



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