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[DeleGate-En] Need help delegate problem
13 May 2009 07:52:06 GMT Rittikorn L. <>

Dear  Yutaka,


Thank for your software it's good with my work. but i have some problem to share you.


My background

- PC spec cpu Xenon 4 core Ram 4 Gb

- I use only service http and smtp support user around 50 pc

- http proxy i use transparent proxy by forword prococol 8080 from firewall 

- smtp I use dns server point ip to delegate server


I run in delegate with command, 

 ./delegated -P8080 SERVER=http -P25 SERVER=smtp:// AUTH="admin::dgadmin:dgpass" CACHE=do RELAY=vhost PERMIT="*:*:*" -r


I use only http and smtp prococol it work good but i have some condition as below


1. memory high loading around 2 Hrs use memory 1 Gb and keep in memory cache, memory load in linear when up to 4Gb

service will by die. [I use crontab clear cache every 1 Hrs by drop_cache]

2. Error log in file 8080 not 8080.http it very big size, 1 days around 5 Gb

3. from 2. when log size up to 2 Gb it can't restart service just only move file it can.

4. Log file in 25.smtp it not correct. it not show all reciever when have muti reciever or cc, show only one address. 

when see in file 25 can show all recieve address

5. Can't configuration on web base look like it not work, if config in command line it OK.

6. Look like it not use cache file but when i check cache file directory it done, how can i check, it's use cache file correctly

7. I try to test pop3 it work but it not keep log file

8. your have plan to develop on module function in web interface like a search option, graph or button that no finish.

9. If i want to modify web interface on log file, what ways can i do?


Please help me and share you idea




Thank again,  Good software. Good developer.

Best Regards,
Rittikorn L.

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