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[DeleGate-En] Reverse Proxy URL rewriting in opposite direction
03 May 2009 11:09:33 GMT Jeff <>

Hi Yutaka,

I'm sure delegate can do what I need in this scenario but I am struggling to
configure it.

The scenario is as follows:
I want to provide access to websites (such as facebook) on the LAN for PC's
without Internet access. The gateway PC has an interface to the Internet.

The idea is to enter http://facebook.local on the LAN and then the gateway
PC acts as the reverse proxy. As this is for only specific sites, reverse
proxy is the only option.

The problem is that facebook for example, brings up the login page (see my
config segment below from rproxy.conf) but when the user clicks login, it
tries to connect to - so what I need to do is get the
reverse proxy to handle this and effectively rewrite or proxy that URL so
that even redirected pages get served. In this example, delegate should
provide a redirected local name for (i.e.
login.facebook.local) and reverse proxy this to the real
login.facebook.comautomatically so that the user does not notice. This
will allow the web
pages to work as intended as the reverse proxy simply replaces the "global"
URL with the "local URL" which gets handled by the proxy. I hope this makes

Here is my current rproxy.conf:
MOUNT="/** nvhost=facebook.local *%svideo%s =
MOUNT="/** nvhost=static.facebook.local
*%svideo%s = forbidden"
MOUNT="/** nvhost=login.facebook.local *%svideo%s
= forbidden"

I am using win-dg.exe (Windows binary) version 9.9.0

If there is a method to do this, I can simply add more and more lines in the
config file as needed to handle each individual redirection. So far,
"simple" webpages work very nicely using the reverse proxy :)


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