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[DeleGate-En] TCP to HTTP encapsulation
17 Mar 2009 15:57:12 GMT Emerson Gomes <>

First of all, thanks a lot for writting such a useful piece of software,
it's everything I dreamed of a proxy server :)

My question, is it possible to use pure HTTP to encapsulate TCP connections?
I know I can use a HTTP proxy with SSL TUNNEL,that's almost what I want, but
not exactly.

Let me explain:

I have Host_A over a *very* restrictive firewall that would only allow
outcoming connections to Host_B port 80/HTTP. In Host_A I have a application
that needs to communicate to Host_B over a proprietary TCP protocol.

My idea would be: run a instance of delegate in Host_A so it would listen to
the TCP port for the proprietary TCP protocol, encapsulate it in HTTP,
forward to Host_B, where another instance of delegate would be doing the
opposite, that is, listening to HTTP port 80 and decapsulating the content
back to the TCP proprietary protocol.

Is that possible?

Thanks a lot.

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