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[DeleGate-En] Re: File Size depended routing. Is it possible?
16 Mar 2009 13:08:51 GMT Alex B <>

I'm sorry, but I can't exactly understand all you wrote. So...

> Routing hinted or controlled by application level intelligence is one of
> the interesting applications of DeleGate I thought originally on the
> beginning of the development 15 years ago.
> An interesting application at that time was separating two routes for uplink
> and downlink between chained DeleGate to utilize satellite communication
> efficiently.  Just for the application I introduced the RPORT parameter.
May be near, but i can't catch RPORT parameter :( I've read the manual 
about RPORT.
> But there have never so strong requirements to it thus not so developed.
> Anyway I'll try it in future and your case might be helpful to think
> about it based on a real application.  For a specific case, it might be
> realized with a small extension to the current implementation.
> Candidate features to which the extension is applied are as follows:
>   PROXY  ... if you have proxies on each route (or SOCKS, MASTER)
>   SERVER ... if your server has multiple network interfaces for each route
>   SRCIF  ... if your host has multiple network interfaces to each route
>   MOUNT  ... if your servers are listed and controllable in MOUNT
> DeleGate can control routing based on protocol, destination (server host
> and port), and source (client host, authentication).  It might be extended
> to map application level intelligence like the size of data to one of them
> as a pseudo one.
> In the case a connection can be established after the size is got, as in
> HTTP or FTP data, it might be easily realized.
> So I wish to know more about your case.
Very, very near, may be here. The main my "headache" is big files over 
http and ftp. And i'd like to route them (big files) to the slow link 
with big latency, whereas "reading" people will be able work through the 
fast link.

My network is simple: I have two gateways with two links to ISP 
connected together by private network. Both gateways have two 
interfaces: one to ISP and one to internal network. I thought to start 
two MASTER-DeleGates on the gateways and one specialist DeleGate as 
proxy for clients. But i couldn't find appropriate configs from the 
dalegate's manual.
Help me, please.

Alex Bel.

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