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[DeleGate-En] Re: Netscape 4.05-en with delegated & sslway
21 Aug 1998 18:08:01 GMT Thomas Stolzenberger <>

Hi Yutaka,

I will test my Linux-box with Netscape 4.05-en against your Server as soon as
possible and will send you the results. I was now successful connecting other
standard clients to your gateway without any problem. I was also successful 
with two gateways of your delegated and I don't know why netscape is not

Thank you very much for your efforts

Greetings Thomas

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From:	Yutaka Sato =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRAOjRGI0stGyhK?= []
Sent:	Thursday, August 20, 1998 6:52 PM
Subject:	Re: [DeleGate-En] Netscape 4.05-en with delegated & sslway

In message <_A26@delegate-en.ML_> on 01/01/70(09:00:00)
you Thomas Stolzenberger <> wrote:
 |I am using Netscape 4.05-en for client and I have the same result as I am using your
 |routinge for generation of the certification. Is it possible, that Netscape Version 3.x is
 |using a different "keygen" structure as it is noticed in SSLEAY directory DOC file ns-ca??? or something else?.

I setup a HTTP/HTTPS gateway proxy at for
demonstration and for your testing.  This DeleGate is running with
the following configuration:

 delegated \
        -P443 \
        RELIABLE="*" \
        REACHABLE=localhost \
        SERVER=https \
        MOUNT="/* http://localhost/*" \
        FCL="$HERE/sslway -ac"

I can connect with this HTTPS server using both
 - User-Agent: Mozilla/4.05 [en] (WinNT; I)
 - User-Agent: Mozilla/3.03Gold [ja] (WinNT; I)

Could you try to access to "" and tell us
the result?

The key and the cert file is produced as follows:

 |Following the article in above URL (from Mr. Ueno) I created my own
 |certification and key as follows (without editing ssleay.cnf):
 |ssleay req \
 |        -new \
 |        -newkey rsa:512 \
 |        -nodes \
 |        -days 365 \
 |        -x509 \
 |        -out server-cert.pem \
 |        -keyout server-key.pem

Yutaka Sato <>   @ @ 
Computer Science Division, Electrotechnical Laboratory      ( - )
1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan            _<   >_

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