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[DeleGate-En] dg 9.9.1 as SMTP gateway
06 Mar 2009 08:57:18 GMT "Bladt, Norbert" <>


thanks a lot for this universal tool for almost all network tasks.
We are using it for years for different purposes and our current monitoring
environment won't work the way we are using it now without delegate.

One reason I post this article might be the overwhelmingly large number of options
necessary to configure delegate for a certain purpose.

I am fighting with the setup for the following purpose:

We use delegate as an SMTP-Gateway in a server monitoring scenario.

Most of the mails should be sent to our in-house mail-server which will
forward those messages to internal or external recipients.
Because we use a "Mail to SMS" provider for sending SMS, a mail for
one recipient must be forwarded to the mail-server of this provider.
We don't want to use the internal mail servers as a SMS-relay for availability
reasons (more components to fail).

To avoid SMS spam I would like that the real name of this recipient is not
visible inside our company, i. e. I am using an artificial name for it.
Let's say, the internal name is "SMSNotifications".

My current setup with "CONTROL/SERVER-HOST:" in the conf file
for the user "SMSNotifications" works, but I would like to use the redundant setup of our
SMS provider, i.e. specify his two mailservers somewhere.

What I have achieved right now is:

Mails are send to the in-house (smart) mail-servers, except for the recipient "SMSNotifications".
This is forwarded by using a conf file (SMTPGATE/users/SMSNotifications/conf) to one of the
mail servers of the SMS provider by using "CONTROL/SERVER-HOST:"
in the conf file. I doubt whether I can specify more than one "CONTROL/SERVER-HOST:" line.

What I tried so far are two cases:

1. Use the name "SMSNotifications" and rewrite the recipient to "" and
	specify "SMTPCONF=MX:{,}:*"
	on the delegate command-line.

2. Use the more realistic looking name "SMSNotifications@smsprovider.." which includes the right domain
	specify something like "SMTPCONF=MX:{,}:*"
	on the delegate command-line and rewrite the recipient to "" by
	using a conf file for that user. I could have also used a simple alias with MOUNT, I guess.

This should result in rewriting the recipient to the real one "" and use
one of the mailservers from this provider as the next mail hop.
But it'll either use the localhost ( and - unfortunately - there is a local mailserver
listening on that interface or one of the in-house mail-servers.

For all the tests I removed the line "CONTROL/SERVER-HOST:" from the conf
file for the user "SMSNotifications". because I want delegate to use the ones specified on the
To use our in-house mail-servers I specified an additional
on the delegate command-line.
So my questions:

Is this setup
	using our internal mail-servers for some (or all) domains,
	two other mail-servers for one specific domain and
	rewrite the recipient to use this specific domain
at all possible ?

And, if so, how would you do it ?

Am I doing something wrong and if so, what ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards


Norbert Bladt

T-Systems Schweiz AG
System Engineer
Systems Management, SL Open Systems

Computing Services & Solutions
Industriestrasse 21
CH 3052-Zollikofen 

Phone   +40 00 000 000f 

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