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Thanks for your Universal Proxy server - Delegate!
  01/27-22:51 . 4360  Ruslan <> [13]
___ Thanks for your Universal Proxy server - Delegate!
delgate 9.7.7 ftp to sftp proxy and file size
  01/30-13:46 . 4361  James <> [30]
___ Hi, I modified src/sftp.c as indicated in one of the posts and changed DATA_MAX to static int DATA_MAX = 1024*1024*1024 which works fine for ftp PUT and GET for files up to 1GB however if i try to i
  01/31-20:00 . 4362 (Yutaka Sato) [48]
___ Hi, "int" means the signed integer of 32bits with the max value 2GB-1. The limitation will be able to be enlarged by replacing "int" with "FileSize" as this: static FileSize DATA_MAX = 16*1024*1024*
  02/01-17:37 . 4363  James <> [34]
___ 2009/1/31 Yutaka Sato <>: Many thanks for the assistance. My C is very rusty, I forgot about the data typing. What are the main concerns around stability ? ie what should I watc
  02/02-03:42 . 4364 (Yutaka Sato) [94]
___ Hi, I'll modify the code to enable specifying the max. size with "datamax" option as follows: MOUNT="/* sftp://server/* datamax=16g" The modification will be like the enclosed patch in DeleGate/9.9.
  02/02-09:27 . 4365  James <> [51]
___ 2009/2/2 Yutaka Sato <>: That will be very useful. I will watch out for problems but so far testing indicates it is reliable. This is only for a small amount of source hosts so
  02/04-08:36 . 4366  James <> [27]
___ 2009/2/2 Yutaka Sato <>: Yutaka I tried setting it to 0 but it still seems to max out at the 32 bit signed integer (ie 2GB -1). Makes sense really as type is still signed int so
  02/07-23:02 . 4367 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ If you are using DeleGate on Linux, you need a compile option CFLAGS=-DSTAT64 as describe in <URL:> Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <> http
  02/08-12:58 . 4368  James <> [27]
___ 2009/2/8 Yutaka Sato <>: We are using solaris 9 on sun v210. Do you know off hand if it is limited in this OS as well. If not I will do some digging myself thanks for replying.
  02/08-14:49 . 4369 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
___ I have no experience with Solaris9 nor Sun-v210, of cource :p But I know Solaris10 on x86 with gcc needs at least CFLAGS=-m64 option to manipulate files larger than 2GB. The following is a sample co
I got error when i tried to make delegate
  02/20-16:06 . 4370  Arun v vempan <> [32]
___ Dear Yutako, I used differnt verison of delegate and os like redhat,centos,susue,Still I am getting the same error.The error is given below .pls check and clear me. usr/bin/make -f Makefile.go libte
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