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Few questions about transparent proxy & srcif
  01/23-17:16 . 4350 (Yutaka Sato) [55]
___ I'm using nearly 30 operating systems including 4 versions of FreeBSD, just for building and testing DeleGate on each platform, but I'm not a real "user" of any specific operation system. Thank you.
  01/23-18:36 . 4351 (Yutaka Sato) [86]
___ Hi, In DeleGate/9.9.2-pre1, I'll change the code as the enclosed patch. It introduces a generic prefix in form "" for name or address. For example, you can use it as follows: SRCIF=_-Dont
rewrite GET for "/" URLs
  01/25-03:49 . 4352  "jon.hart" <> [15]
___ Hi, at the moment I use delegate as a reverse proxy for a database application. Dependent on the accessed name- based-virtual-host the user reach his database. The database is selected by a "?query"
  01/25-12:02 . 4353 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ I don't know why you need to reduce it so but it might be useful to add "moved" option to the MOUNT for "/" to automatically redirect the request. MOUNT="/ nvhost=user1.
  01/25-12:10 . 4354 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
___ Sorry, the MOUNT with "moved" option will generate the specified URL as is, thus it should be as this: MOUNT="/,moved" Cheers, Yutaka 9
Few questions about transparent proxy & srcif
  01/26-16:27 . 4355  Master NoSFeRaTU <> [90]
___ 2009/1/23 Yutaka Sato <>: I have multigateway router with connections to different providers, which have private subnets with equal addresses. These connections are quite instab
  01/26-17:04 . 4356 (Yutaka Sato) [49]
___ Hi, Thank you. It seems to happen when a specified host (address) is not (inversely) resolvable. I've started apllying the "" to multiple purposes to control outgoing connection (ex. ti
  01/26-18:19 . 4357  Master NoSFeRaTU <> [7]
___ 2009/1/26 Yutaka Sato <>: I confirm, now all works fine. Big thanks ^_^
nvhost to nvserv STLS with different certificates
  01/27-07:19 . 4358  Jens-Erik Hansen <> [50]
___ Hi Yutaka, I'm working on a name-based virtual hosting to name based virtual servers setup which works fine now. The next task is to establish a ssl connection between the client and delegate where
  01/27-07:40 . 4359 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
___ To switch amoung multiple certificates, you need "server name indication" (SNI) supported after OpenSSL0.9.8g or laters, and need to put a certificate for each destination site at "CERTIDR" (DGROOT/
Thanks for your Universal Proxy server - Delegate!
  01/27-22:51 . 4360  Ruslan <> [13]
___ Thanks for your Universal Proxy server - Delegate!
delgate 9.7.7 ftp to sftp proxy and file size
  01/30-13:46 . 4361  James <> [30]
___ Hi, I modified src/sftp.c as indicated in one of the posts and changed DATA_MAX to static int DATA_MAX = 1024*1024*1024 which works fine for ftp PUT and GET for files up to 1GB however if i try to i
  01/31-20:00 . 4362 (Yutaka Sato) [48]
___ Hi, "int" means the signed integer of 32bits with the max value 2GB-1. The limitation will be able to be enlarged by replacing "int" with "FileSize" as this: static FileSize DATA_MAX = 16*1024*1024*
  02/01-17:37 . 4363  James <> [34]
___ 2009/1/31 Yutaka Sato <>: Many thanks for the assistance. My C is very rusty, I forgot about the data typing. What are the main concerns around stability ? ie what should I watc
  02/02-03:42 . 4364 (Yutaka Sato) [94]
___ Hi, I'll modify the code to enable specifying the max. size with "datamax" option as follows: MOUNT="/* sftp://server/* datamax=16g" The modification will be like the enclosed patch in DeleGate/9.9.
  02/02-09:27 . 4365  James <> [51]
___ 2009/2/2 Yutaka Sato <>: That will be very useful. I will watch out for problems but so far testing indicates it is reliable. This is only for a small amount of source hosts so
  02/04-08:36 . 4366  James <> [27]
___ 2009/2/2 Yutaka Sato <>: Yutaka I tried setting it to 0 but it still seems to max out at the 32 bit signed integer (ie 2GB -1). Makes sense really as type is still signed int so
  02/07-23:02 . 4367 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ If you are using DeleGate on Linux, you need a compile option CFLAGS=-DSTAT64 as describe in <URL:> Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <> http
  02/08-12:58 . 4368  James <> [27]
___ 2009/2/8 Yutaka Sato <>: We are using solaris 9 on sun v210. Do you know off hand if it is limited in this OS as well. If not I will do some digging myself thanks for replying.
  02/08-14:49 . 4369 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
___ I have no experience with Solaris9 nor Sun-v210, of cource :p But I know Solaris10 on x86 with gcc needs at least CFLAGS=-m64 option to manipulate files larger than 2GB. The following is a sample co
I got error when i tried to make delegate
  02/20-16:06 . 4370  Arun v vempan <> [32]
___ Dear Yutako, I used differnt verison of delegate and os like redhat,centos,susue,Still I am getting the same error.The error is given below .pls check and clear me. usr/bin/make -f Makefile.go libte
  02/20-23:19 . 4371 (Yutaka Sato) [21]
___ I can't understand why you are trying such ancient version of DeleGate but, if you really need it, compiling it on the OS with the compiler at that time (March 2002) might make it successfully. Chee
Delegate with NFS cache spool
  02/20-23:20 . 4372  Eddie Stassen <> [15]
___ We are running delegate as a caching proxy NNTP server (on Solaris 10) using NFS mounted drives as a cache spool. Now and then we find 'stuck' delegated processes which take up a lot of CPU cycles.
I got error when i tried to make delegate
  02/21-13:48 . 4373  Arun v vempan <> [28]
___ Thanks yutaka so which os and which version of delegate you prefer.pls do mail me Regards Arun.v
  02/21-14:26 . 4374 (Yutaka Sato) [16]
___ I always wish if I could exterminate any older versions of DeleGate thus I don't like to help you to use an ancient version. But possibly I might do it if the reason why you need such version is rea
  02/21-14:49 . 4375  Arun v vempan <> [23]
___ so according to use which version is preferable.we just need to relay mails using delegate.I heard that it is possible with delegate is it. Regards Arun.v
  02/23-12:44 . 4376 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
___ It is the latest version of course and there are binary distributions for major platforms. <URL:> <URL:
ftps fails to work with client side ssl
  02/26-10:39 . 4377  Jacob Lundberg <> [587]
___ Hi, I have a problem proxying ftps clients to ftp servers. When the client requests a directory listing, it just hangs. I am including below an example with output from lftp and delegate. Here is ho
  02/26-14:40 . 4378 (Yutaka Sato) [126]
___ Hi, The problem is in the implicit-negotiation of SSL usage in FTPS of which specification is not well specified. In your case, DeleGate is waiting SSL negotiation from the client on the data-connec
  02/27-10:01 . 4380  Jacob Lundberg <> [55]
___ Hi, Aha! Thank you for the information. I read some of RFC 2228 and I see the problem is that lftp never issues a PROT command (most likely because delegate does not list PROT in its supported comma
  02/27-12:56 . 4381 (Yutaka Sato) [49]
___ Hi Jacob, First of all, I should say I'm implementing partial features of protocols which are practically useful and necessary at the time. As long as I know, FTPS using port #990 applies SSL withou
  02/27-17:25 . 4382 [42]
___ Hi, No complaints from me; delegate already implements a lot of stuff. It seems like the FTPS clients I tried (Filezilla and lftp so far) expect an un-encrypted data channel by default. Given that l
Delegate with NFS cache spool
  02/27-23:12 . 4383 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
___ Hi, The first step should be locating where it occurs. The output of truss might imply where it is. Or you can inspect the process with mdb for example as "mdb -p ProcessId" and dump the calling sta
ftps fails to work with client side ssl
  03/02-09:38 . 4384 (Yutaka Sato) [20]
___ Hi, I should say that you should be aware that DeleGate is not free for commercial usage... Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <> ( ~ ) National Institute
  03/03-04:05 . 4385  Jacob Lundberg <> [20]
___ Yes. If (and that's a big if still at this point) delegate works well enough to meet customer needs, then I will contact the license e-mail. Thanks, -Jacob Jacob Lundberg Director, IT Services pdeiq
dg 9.9.1 as SMTP gateway
  03/06-17:57 . 4386  "Bladt, Norbert" <> [109]
___ Hi thanks a lot for this universal tool for almost all network tasks. We are using it for years for different purposes and our current monitoring environment won't work the way we are using it now w
  03/07-04:24 . 4387 (Yutaka Sato) [43]
___ Hi, I'm not so sure about your requirment but it might be useful to use MOUNT for STMP (without SMTPGATE) extended in DeleGate/9.8.2 with which you can specify the recipient value (to be sent in RCP
ftps fails to work with client side ssl
  03/07-06:21 . 4388 (Yutaka Sato) [125]
___ Hi, If so, it is a little strange that lftp sends PBSZ which is not listed in the response by DeleGate to the FEAT command. I tested just adding PBSZ and PROT to the list unconditionally but the beh
How can delegate start as service in Windows XP Prof.
  03/09-18:41 . 4389  balram ghimire <> [29]
___ I had installed Delegate 9.9.1 in windows XP Prof. It's work fine. But everytime i have to start manually through run command. I am curious about : 1.Is it any way to start it automaticallya as serv
  03/09-19:44 . 4390 (Yutaka Sato) [45]
___ I'm not sure how you can stop DeleGate to start automatically as a service. It should be installed as a service automatically which will be started automatically if you answer so when asked as below
wildcard support using Delegate as DNS server
  03/10-08:01 . 4391  Guillaume de Rorthais <> [104]
___ Hi Yutaka Sato, I am trying to set up Delegate as a DNS server with domain wildcard support. I use the following config: -P"" -vv -dhst SERVER=dns,origin:ns1,
  03/10-15:48 . 4392 (Yutaka Sato) [100]
___ Hi Guillaume, It is interesting how did you find the tentative feature :) Oh, you should have asked after a glance at it. DeleGate tries to pick up all of multiple IP-addresses of a host in a hosts-
dg 9.9.1 as SMTP gateway
  03/10-18:47 . 4393  "Bladt, Norbert" <> [84]
___ Hi thanks for your mail and hints. However, this does not work for me. The "MOUNT=fakeuser@fakedomain.. smtp://" does not work. If I send mail to fakeuser@fakedomain.. del
  03/10-19:17 . 4394 (Yutaka Sato) [108]
___ Hi, !?!? (possibly you are using some configuration in your SMTPGATE which should be removed for the test) Of cource DeleGate tries to connect to the (MX of) "". You can test it as
  03/10-20:08 . 4395  "Bladt, Norbert" <> [244]
___ Hi I am exactly using your example, but it does not work. I renamed the delegate directory, there are those warning messages: SMTPGATE not defined, etc. But the connection is attempted to a@b or x@y
  03/10-20:26 . 4396 (Yutaka Sato) [30]
___ Hi, Oh, I see. You are using upper case leter "SMS" in the MOUNT which is not matched in this case. You need "nocase" MOUNT options as follows: MOUNT=" smtp:// nocas
  03/10-20:38 . 4397  "Bladt, Norbert" <> [56]
___ Hi thanks a lot for your help. Now it works fine. Regards Norbert.
  03/10-21:14 . 4398 (Yutaka Sato) [26]
___ Maybe I should explain why it is so (for possible readers in future :). MOUNT is designed originally in DeleGate/1.4.0 for rewriting URL path of HTTP which is case sensitive. Thus the default is cas
How can delegate start as service in Windows XP Prof.
  03/10-22:23 . 4399  balram ghimire <> [170]
___ Sorry, I am bothering you. I didn't understand what you had wrote. I clarify that what I have to do to start Delegate in my Window XP Prof. : I had already putted delegate in C:\Program Files\DeleGa
wildcard support using Delegate as DNS server
  03/10-23:03 . 4400  Guillaume de Rorthais <> [144]
___ Le 2009-03-10 02:48, Yutaka Sato a crit : Hi Yutaka, Well, I did my best considering the time I had :) Yeah I figured that :) But I didn't want to bother you before being sure Delegate wasn't actual
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