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[DeleGate-En] Reverse Proxy question
28 Nov 2008 07:32:02 GMT Jeff <>


I'm trying to make use of the Reverse Proxy function on my LAN at home. I'm
experiencing some problems though, let me explain by description of my

There is a gateway server on both the InternalNetwork and the
ExternalNetwork (Internet). I'm running delegate on port 80 with Reverse
Proxy using the mount command.

My application requires mapping of an Internet server to the gateway server
so that users on the LAN can use a local address to access web servers
(named based virtual host). Example, if someone navigates to server.lan this
should match the MOUNT command and serve for example: using
the reverse proxy. To work properly, all URLs need to be
rewritten to something like -> http://server.lan/delegate/Manual.htm

The problem I am having is that delegate is not matching the virtual host
name (server.lan) no matter how I specify it in MOUNT=
{nvhost;avhost;nvserv} so if I navigate using the LAN IP ( for
example) OR the virtual host name (server.lan) I get the same thing which is
the last-specified MOUNT command. The intention is to use this server as
reverse proxy for a handful of sites - each specified with its own MOUNT=

Seeing as this is a windows server, please can you supply a patched binary
(win-dg.exe) if necessary - I don't have the necessary software to compile
under Windows.

Thanks in advance

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