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[DeleGate-En] how to get auth in CFI
20 Nov 2008 01:52:12 GMT Serge Leschinsky <>


Could you please advise me how to get authentication information for SMTP and
POP3 protocols for using it afterwards in CFI?

Let me explain the problem: I pass the message for our internal anti-spam system
through CFI filter:

MIME-Filter: /opt/

It works perfectly. The problem is that the colleagues ask for per-user
granularity, i.e. to create e-mails profiles for each user's login.
Theoretically I can write a bidirectional filter which will not only extract
mails but login information. To be honest, I've tried already to write this
script but unsuccessfully...

 So, could you please say me if it's possible to get "login" from auth
information and, ideally, pass it as a parameter for CFI? I mean something like
the following:

MIME-Filter: /opt/ %U

I'll be very grateful if you advise me how it may be implemented.

Thank you in advance,


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