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[DeleGate-En] Persistent HTTP connections
19 Nov 2008 12:41:39 GMT Jaco Lesch <>


Need to your assistance and guidance once again. How do I configure 
delegated to maintain persistent TCP sessions in an HTTP environment? 
The setup are as follows:

HTTPS from the client to the delegated proxy, from the delegate proxy to 
the server it is HTTP.

The client's browser then use HTTP keepalives to keep persistence with 
the oringin server. Delegate seem to close the connections to the client 
and server at regular intervals, causing a 500 response code to be sent 
to the client upon the next keepalive.

One work around was the following:

This got rid of the 500 response errors, but still did not keep the 
persistent TCP connections open between the client - delegate, or 
delegate - webserver.

Any advice or input will be appreciated.


Jaco Lesch

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