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[DeleGate-En] thanks&question
14 Apr 1999 07:57:47 GMT "Adrian H.W." <>

>First of all I wish to thanks you for what you are doing (I ref. to 
Delegate). It's wonderful that exist people, who find inside them 
resources to work hard on something, which after they finish, want to 
share with others without to thinks first at profits.

>Now the question. I find your site last night and when I wakeup I find 
I have something in my mind: may I use DeleGate installed on one PC to 
connect our LAN (4 PC with W95) through only one internet connection? We 
are connected with BNC cable LAN use to play together and now I think we 
may afford telecom bill for connection via modem. I am not use into 
programming or Linux. I understand you are a busy man and if you can't 
answer maybe you may give me someone address to mail him.

>Apologizing for disturbing and wishing you all the best, 

Adrian H. Wyhnalek from Romania

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