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[DeleGate-En] Re: performance measurements and socks question
17 Sep 2008 11:07:05 GMT "Andre E." <>


I've talked with my colleagues and we discussed various possibilities, 
but we did not
come up with a solution yet. So here is a more detailed explanation 
about what we
would like to achieve.

We have the following requirement: A webserver on host WS and port Y
needs to be accessible via a tunnel that goes through several proxies
and ends at a specific proxy P1 on a port X. All the connections which
connect to P1:X should than be forwarded transparently to WS:Y.
Furthermore, this should be done "on-the-fly" in the sence that services
chance their tunnels and proxies through which they are available in
regular time intervals. This is needed for offering so-called hidden
services in context of anonymous communication.

We currently have a local service which builds a tunnel via two proxies
(e.g with CONNECT) to the third proxy. Now we need a possibility to
open a port X which than acts as a transparent relay.

WS:Y === P3 === P2 === P1:X

What are the right ways to do it? Does Delegate have mechanisms to
facilitate this? I thought about VSAP protocoll, but unfortunately
haven't found much information about it on english. It is basically
required that all the connections which are made on port X to P1, are
send via the tunnel to WS:Y.

Thanks in advance!

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