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[DeleGate-En] Tunneling configuration
13 Feb 2008 19:44:12 GMT "Nagy, Michael" <>

Hello Yutaka

I have been experimenting with DeleGate and I am very impressed with its versitility. I have succeeded in configuring it for some situations, however there is one use for which I do not know the best configuration.

Here is a crude diagram of what I am trying to accomplish.

              [hostA]      [hostP]             [hostB]        [hostC]
  clients --- DeleGate ==== Proxy ============ DeleGate --- Random site

I have a server running DeleGate (hostB) that has access to the Internet. I also have a proxy (hostP) through which all Internet traffic must pass, but which I have no control over. I want all traffic from the clients to go from hostA to hostB, but without hostP seeing the ultimate IP addressesn or returned content. As far as hostP is concerned, I want the clients to simply appear as if they are communicating with hostB.

The clients will have hostA set as their Internet proxy. 
HostA will set hostP as its proxy.


client has hostA:80 configured as their default proxy

hostA: delegated STLS=fsv -P80 MASTER=hostB:443 PROXY=hostP:8080

hostB: delegated STLS=fcl -P443 SERVER=delegate RELIABLE="*"

1) What will the HTTP traffic look like on hostP? Will they only see the HTTP headers (GET hostB:443) or will they also see the GET for the random web pages that were requested?

2) Will the hostP proxy see the CONTENT of the pages? Is the content transferred via SSL?

3) What would I need to do to use a "non-default" ssl certificate on hostB? 

4) Are there any additional configurations that I need to make to achieve my goal?

Thank you 


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