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[DeleGate-En] Delegate in a client-server application
30 Jan 2008 14:07:54 GMT "Dick van Fulpen" <>


I would like to use Delegate for encrypted data transfer between a
client and a server on a network.
The situation is as follows:
- one server ( runs the client application, the other
server ( acts as the actual application server
- the client runs on a server and uses TCP/IP localhost:1974
- Delegate is started with this string:
dg9_7_7.exe -P1974 SERVER=tcprelay:// STLS="fsv"

- the server also uses localhost:1974 to read for response from the
client and write the requests to.
- Delegate on this server is started with this command:
dg9_7_7.exe -P1974 SERVER=tcprelay://localhost:1975 STLS="fcl"

But this does not work.
As I think it works with Delegate that it intercepts the data read/write
to localhost in this setting?
Any idea how this can best configured?
Is it necessary to use Delegate on both server to do the encryption and

Dick van Fulpen | Senior Software Engineer | Infor | Tel:+31 (0)73 6205
222 | | Infor | Postbus 2067 | 5202 CB
's-Hertogenbosch | Nederland | Bezoek onze website |

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