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Conditional FSV filter
  01/02-09:23 . 3917  Tony Gaspar <> [144]
  Hello, I have written a bi-directional filter using some of the code in the bdtee program distributed with Delegate. My command is : ./delegated P8881 v r SERVER=http FSV=program It works for text
changing parameters of a running delegate instance
  01/11-05:04 . 3918  Brent Beck <> [10]
  Is it possible to change some of the configuration parameters of an instance of delegate that is already running (without restarting/interrupting service) ? In my particular situation, I am interest
Email address as pop3 username
  01/15-00:32 . 3919  "Vaughn Jardine" <> [163]
  Hello, I use delegate 9.7.7. Can you please give me a configuration line to access pop with my email as the username: Example: Pop server: Username: user1@external.. The curren
problems with ftps proxy
  01/22-00:58 . 3920  "Denise Curry" <> [63]
  I've set up a test ftps proxy that seems to work with some ftps hosts but not others. For the ones that do not work, I get a "421 failed starting TLS with the server" message. The meat of the delega
Conditional FSV filter
  01/25-13:03 . 3921  Tony Gaspar <> [31]
  Hello, For HTTP, I have discovered that it would not be possible to apply a FSV type filter based on a content type as the content type would not be known until the HTTP response. Yutaka, it seems t
Delegate in a client-server application
  01/30-23:07 . 3922  "Dick van Fulpen" <> [123]
  Hi, I would like to use Delegate for encrypted data transfer between a client and a server on a network. The situation is as follows: - one server ( runs the client application, the oth
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