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[DeleGate-En] Delegate as LDAP-to-LDAPS proxy
25 Aug 2007 19:46:48 GMT Kevin Richter <>


thanks for a second time for this great piece of software. Today I tried
out delegate as ldap-to-ldaps proxy. After one hour for reading manual
and building the config everything works :)

Now I have this delegated.conf:

VARDIR=${EXECDIR} is replaced and is - of course - the IP of my ldap server.

But following problem:
Querying the proxy for user xyz gives me an invalid DN of the user:

$ ldapsearch -b "ou=group,dc=uni-xy,dc=de@3..:636" -D
"cn=proxuser,ou=proxygroup,dc=uni-xy,dc=de" -w - -h -p 389
Enter bind password:
version: ...
dn: uid=xyz,ou=group,dc=uni-xy,dc=de@3..:636
gidNumber: ...
cn: ...
givenName: ...
sn: ...
uidNumber: ...

Look at the "dn". Why is there the "@" suffix?

Some applications do use the dn for a connect with this user.
And this user does not exist. -> error :(

Is there a possibility to play with this "MOUNT" option in delegate, so
I can omit the "@" in the base-dn?
The is the only server I want to connect with.

Would this help for this dn-problem?

Thanks in advance.


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