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[DeleGate-En] Improperly rewritten URLs
28 Mar 1999 16:05:19 GMT


I've been using DeleGate as a delegate-type proxy
and I think that I've found some URLs that aren't being
rewritten properly.

At the end of this email I've attached some html that
went through delegate.  Note that urls are being
rewritten properly except for  "",
which gets through unaltered.  

Maybe a machine name like 1-800 is technically illegal; I'm really not

Best regards,

---------- begin html sample ------
<A HREF="">Site Tour</A><br>
<hr size=1>
<A HREF="">Home Delivery</A><br>
-<A HREF="">Order Online</A><br>
-<A HREF="">Service</A><br>
<hr size=1>
<A HREF="">Media Kit</A><br>
---------- end html sample ------

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