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[DeleGate-En] Re: minimum neccessary libs
18 Jun 2007 21:32:06 GMT "Joe Moore" <>


You are correct. The VMware "BIOS" will not boot from a USB device. You
could however write a bootable image to a USB flash drive from a VM and
then boot any PC that supports USB boot devices from that flash drive.
That is how I'm testing my minibsd flash images. Some minor editing of
the network config might be needed but I'm booting a laptop with the
same flash drive that I'll be booting my appliance from.

I still hope to come up with a vmware image. I'll try to boot from a
FreeBSD install CD and hopefully partition and slice the VM disk, mount
the flash disk and pipe a dump of the flash to a restore on the VM disk.
I'll let you know how it goes. I only have "/" on the flash drive
(mounted read-only). Both "/var" and "/tmp" are ramdisks.

BTW... I got delegated with SSL running on minibsd today. I had versions
of libz, libcrypto and libssl on the flash but I needed to create links
to them with names that delegated was looking for, e.g. I had
"" but until I created a link called "" delegated
wouldn't find it. I'm now using 21 MB of my 32 MB compact flash.

Also... I examined delegated/sslway logs and it appears to be looking in
different places for the "server-cert.pem" and "server-key.pem" each
time I start it up. It has reported not finding them in "/", "/root",
and "/var/spool/nobody". Where is the best place for these files once I
generate "real" certs for my boxes?

		TIA    ...jgm

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you "Joe Moore" <> wrote:
 |VMware workstation 6 (for windows) fully supports USB 2.0 in VMs. I
 |believe workstation version 5 supports USB 1.0. Neither will support
 |at all if you enable the "ESX server" compatibility option when you
 |create the VM.
 |I am able to copy to USB thumb drives and CF cards in a USB card
 |from FreeBSD 6.2 in a VM running on VMware 6.0 workstation. VMware
 |even let me add a USB device to a VM with "ESX server" compatility

Since I'm doing my development mainly on MacOSX, I'm waiting the
release of the product version of VMWare on MacOSX.  So I'm just using
"VMWare Server" on Windows for a while.  It seems that it detects
the USB devices, but I'm not sure if it can use it as a boot device.
Also I saw VMWare Workstasion 6, but I'm not sure how it can do boot
from a USB disk because it does show only the floppy as a removable
devices to be used in the boot sequense.


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