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[DeleGate-En] Pbs on a NT server
24 Mar 1999 16:07:09 GMT Philippe REITZ <>


I tried DeleGate as a proxy on a NT server, without success. Then I tried
Apache : it worked the first time. I think my problem was to understand
the (too short) DeleGate documentation. I'am not a network specialist, and
the documentation is very hard to understand for people like me.

I suppose that my situation is ultra classical : I have an intranet (network connected to Internet via a NT server (so it has 2 netcards :
the intranet side is, the Internet side is => in fact
it is another intranet in my organization, with a gate on Internet through
a firewall).

Is there any typical configuration file for DeleGate to handle this situation ?

Friendly yours,


___ Philippe REITZ __________________________________________
  LIRMM - 161, rue Ada - 34392 MONTPELLIER Cedex 5 - France  
  Tel: +30 000 000 00F                 Fax: +30 000 000 00F
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