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[DeleGate-En] Cookies in DeleGate
23 Mar 1999 00:48:31 GMT


I've been reading the delegate sources trying to
figure out what delegate does with cookies.

I see several functions dealing with cookies
in http.c and httphead.c, and I see references
to cookies in the logs.

Also, delegate sometimes sets cookies like
"   FALSE   /  FALSE   942189149     

Furthermore, sometimes I see cookies of the form
" FALSE   /-_- ..."
indicating that delegate is just rewriting cookies with
the domain and toplevel directory changed appropriately
to reflect url-rewriting.

However, some cookie-based sites don't work at all with
delegate (eg, so it doesn't look
like cookies are always being reset properly.  And it
looks like other sites that normally set cookies don't leave
any on the client side. 

Sorry if this is an obtuse question, but what does
delegate do with cookies?  And what is the purpose
of the first cookie described above?

-Jan Klein

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