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[DeleGate-En] Performance on Windows
05 Apr 2007 00:54:26 GMT Ed Vander Hoek <>

Hello everyone,

I'm experiencing some rather low performance on Windows 2003 and I'm 
hoping you can help me solve it.

I'm using the following command line:

win-dg -P9015 SERVER=tcprelay://localhost:9016/ ADMIN=a@b.. STLS=fcl

My test app connects to port 9015, sends ~100 bytes, receives ~100 
bytes, and then disconnects and repeats this 50 times. I have 20 
instances of the test app running.

Using DeleGate 9.5.5 this takes about 7 minutes to complete. Using 
Stunnel 4.20 it takes just 1 minute. I'm guessing that the difference is 
due to DeleGate spawning new processes for each connection.

Any ideas on how I can improve performance?

Thanks in advance,


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