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[DeleGate-En] additional url-attribs that need rewriting?
20 Mar 1999 00:20:08 GMT

I've been reading the HTML4 proposed standard at

and I think that I might have found some
url attribs (ie, urls that need rewriting)
that are not specified in url.c.

Specifically, I think that static "Attr rewriteAttr[64]"
in url.c might need to have the following terms added:

	{"ARCHIVE"	},
	{"DATA"    	},
	{"PROFILE"	},

Actually, ARCHIVE might be wrong because
the standard stipulates a space separated
list of uri's, which delegate might not be
able to rewrite in its current form. 
Furthermore, the spec for ARCHIVE seems
different inside an <APPLET> and an <OBJECT>
(it is a uri only inside an <OBJECT>) and I'm 
not sure whether DeleGate keeps track
of the distinction.


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