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[DeleGate-En] Hot do you apply filters conditionally based on the web site being requested?
18 Mar 1999 07:30:18 GMT Phill Edwards <>
OzEmail Pty Ltd

I've got as far as applying filters to html which is being passed from 
Delegate where the Content-Type is html. This works great. I'm now trying 
to understand how to apply different filters to different web sites. I've 
tried using Server and Server-Host, eg
Filter: /usr/home/phill/working/
but the filters just aren't getting applied, whereas they do work for
Content-Type: text.html
Filter: /usr/home/phill/working/

Does anyone know how to do this? This filter gets invoked because of the 
startup parameter
I've also tried
but that didn't work because it tried to execute cfi as a unix shell script 
which wasn't valid.
If anybody has figured out the best way to do this I'd be very grateful.
-- Phill --

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