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[DeleGate-En] DeleGate and news
17 Mar 1999 14:29:48 GMT "Derkjan de Haan" <>


I'm using DeleGate mainly for merging various news servers. This works
fine. However, I have two questions:

- My ISP uses the INN news server with throttling after about 30 articles.
makes downloading large groups extremely slow. Can DeleGate be configured to
download articles in batches of variable size, so that it may be set lower
than 30 ?

- Delegate closes the connection after a very short period of inactivity (a
seconds). This slows down reading news, as the client has to reconnect each
time. Is this time-out configureable ?

Thanks for this wonderful piece of software and keep up the good work !


Derkjan de Haan

E-Mail: Derkjan de Haan <>
Date: 17-Mar-99
Time: 14:48:48

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