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[DeleGate-En] Delegate behaviour analogue among well-known POP3 servers
02 Nov 2006 07:32:27 GMT Soldatov Andrey <>

Hello, do you know big well-known POP3 server with SSL support on non-dedicated port which returns on CAPA command (at the beginning of connection) the same as DeleGate:
   C:\DeleGate> dg9_2_3 -f STLS=-fcl -P310 SERVER=pop://someserver:311
         ADMIN=a@someserver.. DGROOT=c:/DeleGate PERMIT="*:*:*"
   S: +OK XXX POP3 Server ready <4534.1162437568@someserver..>
   C: CAPA
   S: -ERR Say STLS first
I has read RFC 2449 and RFC 2595 and I think it's correct but I need practical confirmation of permissibility of CAPA command unsupport when STLS is supported. Or may be you know another requirements clarify such behavoiur?

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