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[DeleGate-En] DeleGate/9.2.5 (BETA) -- signed executable, fixes for chained DeleGate, SSL, etc.
19 Oct 2006 22:30:50 GMT (Yutaka Sato)
The DeleGate Project

Dear DeleGate users,

I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows:
DeleGate/9.2.5 -- signed executable, fixes for chained DeleGate, SSL, etc.

+ Verification of signed executable of DeleGate

      delegated "-Fesign" [executable-file]*

    Binary distributed executable files of DeleGate have become signed with
    RSA.  With "-Fesign" option, it can be verified if it is the executable
    file distributed from DeleGate.ORG and not modified from the original one.

+ Fixes and extensions for cascaded DeleGate
  - MASTER: implemented encrypted authentication for MASTER with MYAUTH
  - SockMux: fixed SEGV by buffer overflow of 4bytes (9.2.3)
  - FTP: fixed broken data in uploading via chained DeleGate (9.2.2)
  - FTP: fixed broken MOUNT by "" response for the PWD command
  - UDP/SOCKS: fixed relaying UDP (SERVER=udp://server) via SOCKS=host:port
  - MASTER/SSL: fixed not to do any action when SSL connection is failed

+ Dynamic loading of SSL / TLS libraries
  - the recommended and platform independent way of installation of SSL
    libraries has become:
      "putting at the same directory of the DeleGate executable"
  - introduced LDPATH and TLSCONF=lib to specify libraries to be loaded
  - delegated "-Fver" option to show which SSL libraries are loaded

+ Fixes and modification on HTTP
  - fixed freezing with a pipeline enabled client (9.0.1)
  - changed not to disable DNS cache on reload with Cache-Control:max-age=0
  - relaying "HTTP/1.1 100 Continue" as fast as possible during POST relay

+ Porting
  - fixed MD5 calculation on 64bits machines (where sizeof(long int)==8)
  - reduced delay of spawning process of itself or commands on Windows
  - fixed bugs of form. spec. by "%lld" -> "%qd" on FreeBSD4.X (9.2.2)
  SITE: <URL:>
  FILE: delegate9.2.5.tar.{gz,bz2}
  DATE: Oct 20 07:13 JST 2006
  TAR-SIZE: 6133760 bytes
  TAR-MD5:  49ba356657507f3be83aaa5f4328e325

 + general: signed executable verified with the public key of DeleGate.ORG
 + MASTER: enabled authentication with MASTER + MYAUTH and AUTHORIZER
 + general: introduced LDPATH to search dinamic libraries

 + HTTP: don't ignore DNS cache on "Cache-Control:max-age=0"
 + HTTP: disconnect if got response during the relay of POST request

 * MD5: fixed broken MD5 on 64bits machines (where sizeof(long int)==8)
 + general: fixed loop by disconn. of internal socketpair (on Win?)
 + SockMux: fixed SEGV by buffer overflow of 4bytes in read (9.2.3)
 + HTTP: fixed freezing in optional SSL detection with piplined client (9.0.1)
 + HTTP: fixed SEGV on 5xx code with bad Content-Length on refreshing cache
 + HTTP: fixed to relay 100-Continue from serv. for POST req. in HTTP/1.1
 + porting: coped with FreeBSD4.X without "%lld" format spec. (9.2.2)
 + sftp/FTP: fixed to be able to MOUNT any destination servers
 + FTP: fixed to be able to handle arguments beginning with space(s)
 + FTP: fixed not to return PWD "" but "/" to be correctly MOUNTED by DeleGate
 + udprelay: fixed relaying UDP via SOCKS5

  9 9   Yutaka Sato <>
 ( ~ )  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
_<   >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan
Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller

9.2.5 051019 fix ftp.c: PWD resp "/" instead "" as origin-FTP for further MOUNT
9.2.5 061018 new {service,filter}.c: enabled FCL=sslway + FMD=sslway & MASTER
9.2.5 061018 fix filter.c: disabled FCL=sslway + FSV=sslway & MASTER <martin->
9.2.5 061018 mod sox.c: restart DeleGate on repetitive conn. err. to the server
9.2.5 061018 new sslway.c: introduced TLSCONF=""
9.2.5 061018 mod sslway.c: changed to load libeay32.dll before ssleay32.dll
9.2.5 061018 fix htccx.c: expanded buff. for CCX of req. body(no VStr overflow)
9.2.5 061017 fix delegated.c: no "SERIOUS: Broken Sticky..." for non Sticky
9.2.5 061016 add admin.c: OpenSSL version in the menu of /-/admin/ after auth.
9.2.5 061016 fix TLEX.c: SEGV on scanning "NON-DETERMINISTIC" rexp.
9.2.5 061016 mod sslway.c: made OPENSSL_...() and ENGINE_...() be optional
9.2.5 061015 fix stls.c: freezing in SSL detection with pipelined client(9.0.1)
9.2.5 061013 mod httpd.c: introduced HTTPCONF="belocal:shtml"
9.2.5 061013 mod access.c: AUTHORIZER=asv":delegate" for SERVER=delegate
9.2.5 061013 mod access.c: MYAUTH=serv":delegate" by default with MASTER=h:p
9.2.5 061013 mod access.c: MYAUTH=serv":socks" by default with SOCKS=host:port
9.2.5 061012 mod access.c: MYAUTH=serv":http-proxy" by default for SERVER=http
9.2.5 061011 mod dl.c: introduced LDPATH=... for dynamic library search
9.2.5 061010 mod dl.c: added DYLIB=dglib*.so by default
9.2.5 061007 new {libpam,pam}.c: PAM has become an optional dynamic library
9.2.5 061007 fix hostlist.c: enabled -Phost:xxx in a HostList as well as -Pxxx
9.2.5 061007 fix {ddi,master}.c: coped with SRCIF with HTTP serv. in KeepAlive
9.2.5 061007 fix delegated.c: made MAXIMA=standby:0 default with INETD <igor>
9.2.5 061006 fix delegated.c: enabled SRCIF (SOCKS, etc.) in INETD <igor>
9.2.5 061005 new sslway.c: added "-ssl2" "-ssl3" and "-tls1" options
9.2.5 061005 mod http.c: don't wait the arrival of POST body in HTTP/1.1(5.9.2)
9.2.5 061005 fix http.c: coped with 100-Continue during POST req. body <jaewh>
9.2.5 061004 fix ftp.c: uploading via chained FTP-DeleGate in XDC (9.2.2)<p2s>
9.2.5 061003 fix delegated.c: suppressed needless "Waiting predecessor..."
9.2.5 060930 mod {smtp,stls}.c: enabled implicit SSL for "smtps://server"
9.2.5 060930 new {httpd,ssi}.c: introduced -Fssi /path/of/file.shtml
9.2.5 060929 mod {stls,nbio}.c: more strict detection of SSL/TLS Client_Hello
9.2.5 060929 fix http.c: appropriate resp. on CONNECT error in upstream proxy
9.2.5 060929 new delegated.c: repairing StickyReport[] on disconnection (?)
9.2.5 060927 new {master,socks,service}.c: FSV/FCL=-credhy for MASTER/SOCKS
9.2.5 060927 new socks.c: SERVER=tcprelay://host:port.udp with SOCKS=shost
9.2.5 060927 new {socks,socks5,udprelay,tcprelay}.c: relaying UDP via SOCKS
9.2.5 060926 new svport.c: enabled "-Pxxx.udp" as well as "-Pxxx/udp"
9.2.5 060925 mod httpd.c: non-default /-/data: (needs MOUNT="/-/data:* data:*)
9.2.5 060924 new {dgdate,Timeofday,strftime}.c: introduced -Fdate command
9.2.5 060924 new httpd.c: added time server as /-/date or /-/date?$Y$m$d$H$M$S
9.2.5 060923 new {embed,dgsign}.c: introduced sign/verify for executable file
9.2.5 060923 fix ystring.c: removed halmful recov. of buff ending (9.11.0-pre2)
9.2.5 060921 fix mkmake.c,md5/global.h: fixed MD5 on 64bits machine
9.2.5 060920 mod src/*.h: moved to include/ (to be copied to gen/ by mkcpp)
9.2.5 060920 new {sslway,gzip}.c: added version logging of dynamic libraries
9.2.5 060918 fix sftp.c: fixed SEGV on PASV+RETR+QUIT without USER+PASS
9.2.5 060918 fix JIS.c: fixed miss-judged SJIS as UTF-8 in SJIS (9.2.0)
9.2.5 060917 fix windows.c: immediate select() return for regular file on Win
9.2.5 060917 mod windows.c: immediate detection of exit of command on Win
9.2.5 060914 fix sftp.c: "stty -echo" to cope with pty on Linux <k.akiba><gsa>
9.2.5 060914 fix windows.c: a workaround to save ".exe" commands frozen on Win
9.2.5 060912 fix sox.c: SEGV on the overflow of 4bytes in 16k buff. (9.2.3)
9.2.5 060912 mod http.c: suppress resolver's cache only when with "no-cache"
9.2.5 060910 new Strftime.c: enabled "%.3S" instead of "%S%.3s"
9.2.5 060909 fix ystring.c: converting %lld to %qd for FreeBSD4.X (9.2.2)
9.2.5 060908 fix http.c: SEGV on fflush(NULL) on 5xx resp. with cache with bad Content-Length (9.2.3)
9.2.5 060908 mod http.c: stop relaying POST req. body on detected resp.
9.2.5 060907 fix {ftp,ftpgw}.c: close the conn. with client in SFTPGW-CC
9.2.5 060907 fix ftp.c: connecting to MOUNTed sftp://server:port/path <gsa>
9.2.5 060907 fix {ftp,sftp}.c: relaying (PASS) arg. beginning with spaces
9.2.5 060906 new Strftime.c: fmt. spec. "%s" for "seconds since the Epoch"
9.2.5 060906 new httpx.c: tracking 302 to "Location: /path" by MS-IIS
9.2.5 060906 new service.c: added crypted MASTER auth. with MYAUTH+AUTHORIZER

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