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[DeleGate-En] Do you know who uses Delegate?
17 Mar 1999 08:11:59 GMT "Phill Edwards" <>

Thanks for the previous info on how to use Delegate's filtering features.
That's really useful.

Would you please be able to tell me how many sites around the world use
Delegate and what sort of traffic volume they are coping with. Are there any
"famous" sites using it?

Maybe from your own experience you could tell me what sort of hardware
(preferably unix) you think would be required to run Delegate as an http
proxy to cope with 6,500,000 urls per day. (When I say url I mean that a
page with 2 images is 3 urls). We would not use it as a cache, but would
want to do filtering and translations on all html returned. I would be very
interested to hear anyone's experience with this.

Thanks in advance,
-- Phill Edwards --

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