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[DeleGate-En] intercepting HTTP/HTTPS and its conversion using delegate
06 Oct 2006 04:40:28 GMT "Lito Kusnadi" <>


I'm new to delegate. I am faced with a problem as follow:

I have an application server which transfer XML file to a remote
server using the HTTP POST method. The application server I have
cannot use HTTPS, while the remote server (owned by different company)
only accept the XML document in HTTPS.

The remote server will send a reply to every request send by my
application server. The same situation happens: the remote server will
send the reply in HTTPS, while my application server cannot accept

I am looking for something that could become the protocol converter. I
was able to use Apache 2.0 with proxy reverse to convert HTTPS
incoming traffic from the remote server to be HTTP at my application
server. (Although I would not say this a conversion).

I have problem however to intercept outgoing traffic from my server to
convert the HTTP to be HTTPS for the remote server. The problem is
that either forward proxy or mod_rewrite would do the job.

I was wondering if delegate is able to resolve my problem. Any input
will be appreciated.

Kindly Regards,
Lito Kusnadi

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