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[DeleGate-En] Re: ftp to ftp gateway +(optional TLS)
05 Oct 2006 13:53:39 GMT Steve Brown <>

Hi Yutaka,

Yutaka Sato wrote:
>  |What if I just want to attempt a TLS session with *any* remote server
>  |that the local user wants? I tried MOUNT="/* =" but that doesn't seem to
>  |do it.
> It can be done like a usual FTP proxy with STLS=-fsv as follows:
>   delegated -P21 SERVER=ftp STLS=-fsv

Yes, thanks for that. I tried that approach originally and looked
elsewhere when it didn't work. Sadly I didn't look in the right place
during testing, and it was working all along...

Is it possible when using Delegate to allow a plain client to connect
over an encrypted link to a TLS equipped remote server, to notify the
client of the encrypted link.

When used like this:
	delegated -P21 SERVER=ftp STLS=-fsv,-fcl

Delegate displays to a TLS equipped client the crypt method (like
'AES256-SHA') - can we do something similar to show the
delegate->remote_server session is encrypted?


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