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MASTER authentication (Re: delegate article 3443)
  09/01-16:40 . 3478 (Yutaka Sato) [254]
  Hi, It seems that I forgot not to have implemented the feature because I thoght it must be implemented for long time since the begining ;) Indeed, authentication with master DeleGate (AUTHORIZER + M
ftp/sftp gateway not working
  09/04-17:39 . 3480  "Gsandtner Michael" <> [136]
  Since there is no answer on my question 3472, I try it again. May be the subject was confusing. If I connect via ftp to delegate, ftp client says: "421 Service not available, remote server has close
DeleGate/9.2.4 (BETA) -- SOCKS over SSL, multiplexed SOCKS, fast MITM, HTTP cache
  09/06-07:28 . 3481 (Yutaka Sato) [149]
  Dear DeleGate users, I inform you of the new release of DeleGate available as follows: DeleGate/9.2.4 -- SOCKS over SSL, multiplexed SOCKS, fast MITM, HTTP cache + SOCKS over SSL SOCKS has come to b
ftp/sftp gateway not working
  09/06-12:06 . 3482 (Yutaka Sato) [87]
  Hi, What kind of FTP client are you using? It might be issueing something special command which causes the disconnection. You can see the sequence of commands and responses in the LOGFILE as the enc
  09/06-19:37 . 3483  "Gsandtner Michael" <> [344]
  the It is the command line ftp from krb5-workstation-1.2.2-13 RPM under RedHat 7.2 . Below the -vd log. I cannot see the problem. Regards --Michi 09/06 12:14:11.30 [23612] 0+0: TMPFILE(new_shared) =
  09/06-22:30 . 3484 (Yutaka Sato) [84]
  Hi, Hmm... your login to the SFTP server seems simply rejected with bad password. It is possible that DeleGate fails to relay a password to the server when the password starts with some white space
  09/07-00:49 . 3485  "Michael Gsandtner" <> [270]
  09/07-01:02 . 3486 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
  Hmm... your reply is sent in strange format concatenating my message and yours and logs... Then seeing the difference between the logs for SFTP/HTTP and SFTP/FTP (with -dG) will help us to understan
  09/07-01:54 . 3487 (Yutaka Sato) [17]
  By the way, it is strongly recommended to invoke DeleGate by non-privileged users. If you need privilege for some reason, you should install "subin". <URL:
  09/07-17:14 . 3488  "Gsandtner Michael" <> [1500]
  and Sorry, hope now it is readable :-) I realize different host key fingerprints in the two dumps. In the http version it is the correct one from the sftp server. Here the failed ftp/sftp: 09/06 17:
  09/07-19:06 . 3489 (Yutaka Sato) [64]
  Hi, I found the problem. FTP-DeleGate is connecting to "sftp://localhost" regardless of the real SFTP server specified in the MOUNT parameter. The enclosed patch is a workaround to make FTP-DeleGate
  09/09-06:54 . 3490  "Michael Gsandtner" <> [6]
  09/14-19:18 . 3491  "Gsandtner Michael" <> [265]
  I tried delegate9.2.5-pre2. The connection problem is solved. Thanks. But now the "cd" command seems not to work. After connecting "ls" gives the correct listing of users home. After "cd test" (the
  09/14-21:12 . 3492 (Yutaka Sato) [62]
  Hi, I could reproduce the problem on Linux. On MacOSX (or on BSD Unixes), it is shown as follows: --SFTPGW << [PWD][] --SFTP << pwd^M DeleGate for sftp/SSH gateway uses the sftp command via a Pty wh
  09/14-21:22 . 3493 (Yutaka Sato) [15]
  Yes. If you can do it with the sftp command directly invoked on your terminal, it is also available when the sftp command is indirectly invoked on a pty (pseudo terminal) via DeleGate. Cheers, Yutak
  09/15-17:33 . 3494  "Gsandtner Michael" <> [86]
  The supplied patch works. Thanks for the quick support. Best Regards --Michi
  09/15-18:27 . 3495  "Gsandtner Michael" <> [436]
  Something must be different. When I call sftp interactively the connection succeeds with public-key authentication. Within delegate, called from exactly the terminal where sftp is successful, there
delegate on multiple ips
  09/16-00:06 . 3496  "Bruce Ryan" <> [32]
  I have a Windows 2003 server with 5 ip addresses. i would like to set up an HTTP proxy on each ip address. I noticed the command line options to listen on all ports, but how do I configure delegate
ftp/sftp gateway not working
  09/16-04:32 . 3497 (Yutaka Sato) [43]
  Hi, You invoked your DeleGate under the ownership of "nobody" thus the sftp is also invoked as of nobody. The simplest way to escape the problem is specfying OWNER=root, though I don't recommend it.
delegate on multiple ips
  09/16-23:13 . 3498 (Yutaka Sato) [34]
  If your "proxy server" means "reverse proxy server" then it can be configured as follows: SERVER=http MOUNT="/* http://server1/* via=" MOUNT="/* http://server2/* via=" Cheers, Yutaka
File download blocking
  09/20-12:21 . 3499  Macka316 <> [33]
  Hi there, I was wondering if someone could help me with a config required to block ..exe and .mp3 files while using delegate. I have tried several configs using the rewrite mount commands in a confi
  09/22-07:30 . 3500 (Yutaka Sato) [24]
  Hi, It depends on the usage of your DeleGate. If you are using DeleGate as a HTTP proxy (with SERVER=http without other MOUNTs), it can be as follows basically: MOUNT="*%S.exe = forbidden" MOUNT="*%
  09/22-07:40 . 3501 (Yutaka Sato) [29]
  Or it can be as this for DeleGate as a FTP proxy or a reverse proxy with other MOUNTS: MOUNT="*%S.exe /dev/null pri=1" MOUNT="*%S.mp3 /dev/null pri=1" Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <y.sato@delegate
  09/22-09:27 . 3502  Macka316 <> [69]
  Yutaka, many thanks for your response, it worked great! Also many thanks for sharing your excellent software. Macka.
Delegate ftp to sftp
  09/22-15:56 . 3503  "Mikko =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Sipil=E4?=" <> [262]
  Hello, Delegate seems to be that what I have been looking for. Unfortunately I found the following bug when trying to use Delegate as a gateway from ftp to sftp on Redhat Linux (32bit). 1. Command "
  09/22-16:02 . 3504 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
  Hi, I hope so. Try 9.2.5-pre4 or later. Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <> ( ~ ) National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology _< >_
proxy https
  09/22-22:23 . 3505  KINOSHITA Toshio <> [26]
  はじめまして、木下と申します. delegateを利用して、他のProxyへ転送したいと考えております. 以下のような状況です. [PC] ---> [delegate] ---> [proxy] ---(internet)---> [http/https sites] HTTPの転送は出来
Transparent UDP relaying over SOCKS
  09/25-04:47 . 3506  David Ponzone <> [94]
  Hello all, I have a weird requirement for transparent UDP relaying over SOCKS5. Let me explain myself. I have an IP-Phone A connected to my MacOSX, which acts as a routeur to Internet. The IP-Phone
delegte credhy
  09/26-04:15 . 3507  Martin Papadopoulos <> [40]
  hello yutaka, when using credhy for delegate <=> encryption i get the message " ... bad key" how exactly should an encryption with delegate-master and Credhy be invoked ? example: ... FSV="-credhy"
  09/27-23:55 . 3508 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
  Hi, It has not been implemented for MASTER and SOCKS. I uploaded 9.2.5-pre7 which includes the implementation of it. It's CRYPT=pass:"Key" with which Credhy encoder/decoder is initialized with the K
Transparent UDP relaying over SOCKS
  09/28-00:11 . 3509 (Yutaka Sato) [47]
  Hi, Intercepting packets over IP is not the role of DeleGate as an application level proxy, as it is not the role of a transparent proxy for HTTP. It should be configured with some appropriate tools
ftp to ftp gateway +(optional TLS)
  09/28-21:33 . 3510  Steve Brown <> [19]
  Hi all, Is it possible to configure delegate as an ftp proxy, so that a plain ftp client can connect to a remote site, and *if* that remote site supports TLS have delegate start a TLS encrypted sess
Transparent UDP relaying over SOCKS
  09/28-22:54 . 3511  David Ponzone <> [273]
  Yutaka San, Thanks for this. I setup ipfw to forward the desired packets to Now, I am not sure I can use delegate to listen on 1080/udp and forward the packets transparently thro
ftp to ftp gateway +(optional TLS)
  09/29-03:46 . 3512 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
  At least it should be as follows: ./delegated -P21 SERVER=ftp MOUNT="/* ftp://server/*" STLS=-fsv The protocol name "ftps:" means using TLS over a dedicated port (990) without negotiation procedure
Transparent UDP relaying over SOCKS
  09/29-04:01 . 3513 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
  Hi, It can be as this: delegated -P1080 SERVER=udprelay://UDPhost:UDPport SOCKS= Note that a single destination port of the UDP (UDPhost:UDPport) need to be specified because there is
ftp to ftp gateway +(optional TLS)
  09/29-04:19 . 3514 (Yutaka Sato) [18]
  Hi, I'm reminded that it is true for protocols like HTTP in which a client talks first, but it's not the case in FTP in which server talks first. Cheers, Yutaka 9 9 Yutaka Sato <>
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