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[DeleGate-En] Re: xover with cache on gets articles
16 Mar 1999 07:44:15 GMT (Yutaka Sato)

On 03/08/99(02:55) you Aaron Nabil <> wrote
in <_A331@delegate-en.ML_>
 |Doing an xover with the cache on results in fetching the articles instead 
 |of just the overview data.  This is very slow on binary newsgroups.
 |Is this the intended behavior?


DeleGate (with cache) tries to make XOVER by itself because some
NNTP servers ignores folded header fields in their XOVER command.
DeleGate needs whole ARTICLE to make XOVER response because the
data of XOVER should include the total bytes of ARTICLE, and data
of ARTICLE downloaded to make XOVER is cached and is expected to
be reused.

You can stop DeleGate to make XOVER by itself by disabling cache
totally, or by disabling cache for XOVER (while enabling cache
for ARTICLE) with a little bit dirty way like this:

  % mkdir   CacheDir/nntp/ServerName/xover
  % chmod 0 CacheDir/nntp/ServerName/xover

I'm reminded that the effect must be achieved with a MountOption 
"cache=no-overview" after DeleGate/5.8.4 like this;

  SERVER=nntp MOUNT="= nntp://server cache=no-overview"

But this option seems hav been missed to be implemented at the
version.  So I will make a modification to "nntp.c" as enclosed.

Yutaka Sato <>   @ @ 
Computer Science Division, Electrotechnical Laboratory      ( - )
1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan            _<   >_

*** ../../delegate5.9.1/src/nntp.c	Fri Mar  5 17:08:41 1999
--- nntp.c	Tue Mar 16 16:34:13 1999
*** 3527,3532 ****
--- 3527,3533 ----
  				fprintf(tc,"412 Not in a newsgroup\r\n");
+ 			if( !(ns->ns_nocache & CACHE_OVERVIEW) )
  			if( NNTP_withCACHE(toNSID(serverx),R_XOVER )
  			 || ns && streq(ns->ns_proto,"pop") ){
  				sv1log("XOVER %s after response flush (%d)\n",

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