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[DeleGate-En] Problems in configuration of delegate
15 Mar 1999 07:55:08 GMT prashant deshpande <>

I am using red hat linux 5.1.And I want to set linux box as internet interface to my local network.I choosen delegate5.8.8 to work as a proxy server but
I am facing problems in configuring it.
I read the manual but it was confusing that I cant understand how to configure delegate here.
I was successful to run a generalist delegate and it was working fine for http requests.But no other requests were satisfied by this generalist.
So I tried to run a specialist for each protocol But it happens  that
for each client i have to specify a different port no (on which the specialist is running) .
I want the solution so that there must be only one proxy runnig  and all the requests will come to it and then that proxy will send those requests to the specialists delegateds.
Also tell me if there is any client side setup required.

Thanks in advance


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