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[DeleGate-En] Re: konqueror v3.3.2 + FTP-DeleGate (Re: Constructing a virtual origin FTP server fails on symlinks crossing "MOUNT=" points)
12 Jul 2006 07:10:15 GMT Steffen Kaiser <>

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Yutaka Sato wrote:


> It is possible that konqueror is sensitive of the physical packet
> sequence of FTP responses on TCP.
> To suppress the inclusion of remote server's message into the response
> to the client, you can specify as
>  FTPCONF=hideserv

That's it!!
It's working now!

Because of this, I'm wondering whether I should file a bugreport for 
konqueror. I checked RFC959, section 4.2 says much, something I cannot 
decide whether it is written there as brain storming or so, but the 
example is quite good:

  Thus the format for multi-line replies is that the first line
          will begin with the exact required reply code, followed
          immediately by a Hyphen, "-" (also known as Minus), followed by
          text.  The last line will begin with the same code, followed
          immediately by Space <SP>, optionally some text, and the Telnet
          end-of-line code.

             For example:
                                 123-First line
                                 Second line
                                   234 A line beginning with numbers
                                 123 The last line

          The user-process then simply needs to search for the second
          occurrence of the same reply code, followed by <SP> (Space), at
          the beginning of a line, and ignore all intermediary lines.  If
          an intermediary line begins with a 3-digit number, the Server
          must pad the front  to avoid confusion.

             This scheme allows standard system routines to be used for
             reply information (such as for the STAT reply), with
             "artificial" first and last lines tacked on.  In rare cases
             where these routines are able to generate three digits and a
             Space at the beginning of any line, the beginning of each
             text line should be offset by some neutral text, like Space.

I see that the reply of Delegate does not "try to avoid confusion" as the 
commentary paragraphe calls it, by doing that Delegate uses different 
replay codes in front of the inner lines and does not quote them.

There is the possibility that konqueror ignores the multiline response, 
when the reply code is the same on all the lines, because even with 
hideserv the initial response is multi-line with a three-digit<hyphen> 
prefix, but all the codes are the same. konqueror passes this comment.



Steffen Kaiser

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