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[DeleGate-En] Re: Constructing a virtual origin FTP server fails on symlinks crossing "MOUNT=" points
11 Jul 2006 15:10:18 GMT Steffen Kaiser <>

On Tue, 11 Jul 2006, Yutaka Sato wrote:


> Hi,
> In message <_A3377@delegate-en.ML_> on 07/10/06(17:03:03)
> you Steffen Kaiser <> wrote:
> |Then I have some problems accessing the remote site via the FTP gateway.
> ...
> |on master/ftp server:
> |        $demon -P21 SERVER=ftp \
> |                MOUNT="/pub/* /mnt/mirror/pub/*" \
> |                MOUNT="/ /var/ftp/*" \
> ...
> |When I use the command:
> |
> |$ ftp ftp
> |<<login>>
> |> dir /pub
> |I do not get no listing,
> |> dir /pub
> |I do get the listing.

> All of these MLST commands are to be responded with the status of
> "/x/y/pub", but not.  The reason is that I fogot to care the command with
> a relative path argument where the CWD is on the virtual directory.
> It is fixed as the patch enclosed.

The patch solves the problem that one needs to issue dir /pub twice!

I still have the problem with the konqueror.

Here I have captured the session with ethereal once for konqueror (fails) 
and once for Mozilla (OK). One easy difference is that Mozilla is using 
normal PASV, whereas Konqueror uses Extended Passive, but I don't know. I 
tried FTPCONF=nopasv, where Mozilla responses with "PASV disabled", but 
konqueror behaves the same "Could not connect ot host ftp".

Also included is the log of the delegate FTP proxying specialist.

To stress the problem, I can access locally mounted directories on the 
proxy, e.g. for testing I added a MOUNT=:

/test/* /tmp/*

See the included log *__localPart and konq_local* captures.

BTW: When I connect to wu-ftp I get an ASCII mode connection for LIST, 
rather than a Binary one, but that should not matter I guess.



Steffen Kaiser

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