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[DeleGate-En] pop3 and pop3s proxy with filtered access
11 Jul 2006 14:25:40 GMT Nikolaus Filus <>


In order to circumvent the limitations of a PIX firewall I need to redirect some
 pop3 connections through delegate. How to configure it as an account-filtered
pop3 and pop3s proxy?

I tried the following with alterations with delegated 9.2.2

delegated STLS=-fcl,-fsv
	MOUNT="account1-*%S   ///*"
	MOUNT="pattern.*%S    ///*"
	MOUNT="other*%S	      ///*"

So whenever a connection to the proxy to port 110 is made, the defined accounts
are forwarded to the pop servers with plain pop3. When a connection to port 995
is made, SSL is used to the server. I don't need any translation plain<->ssl,
just simple forwarding of whatever the client talks.

Thanks in advance

Nikolaus Filus

PS: Thanks for that great piece of software!

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