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[DeleGate-En] Working with CFI
03 Jul 2006 15:06:30 GMT "Xavier Cheney" <>

Hi Yutaka,

  I installed DeleGate 9.2.3-pre8 under Windows and Linux. The filtered web 
pages are shown quicker, quite very interesting !!
  I detect some few bugs (?), one major and two minors :
  - Under Windows and Linux, when I activate filter (FTOCL=myfilter.cfi), I 
have empty web pages for or It seems that, for 
those particular web sites, there's empty input dataflow for filtering. Have 
you got any idea to resolve the problem ?
  - Under Windows, delegate create C:\var\spool\log\0 file even if I 
specified a DGROOT=C:\delegate
  - Under linux, for each page access, I have two lines Xfwrite in the shell 
console (not in the log) like :
  [8478] Xfwrite(1,19)=0, ferror()=1, errno=9
  [8478] Xfwrite(1,274)=0, ferror()=1, errno=9

  If you have a correction for the empty google page, it would be great.

  Best regards,

    Xavier CHENEY

Open WebMail Project (

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