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[DeleGate-En] problem with url translation?
08 Mar 1999 14:35:42 GMT

I may have found a problem with delegate5.8.8 (or else I'm 
doing something wrong).

I have delegate set up as an https forwarder [1] on a machine
(say, )

Suppose that I have a page http:/ that
is known to work through normal direct http://

Suppose I try to go to this page through delegate:

and suppose that test.html has images of the form

    <IMG SRC="picture1.gif">
    <IMG SRC="../icons/picture2.gif">

Delegate succeeds in downloading picture1.gif.

However, picture2.gif fails.  In the log, I see:

03/08 15:22:48.36 [15767] 3+0: REQUEST - GET /-_-http://icons/picture2.gif HTTP/1.0
03/08 15:22:48.36 [15767] 3+0: gethostbyname(icons) unknown[0.00s] 
03/08 15:22:48.36 [15767] 3+0: cannot connect to server: http://icons:80


It seems that whenever a relative URL starts with ".." 
the ".." gets stripped out, and delegate intreprets the
directory following it as machine name.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this a bug in url translation?
I tried to track it down in the code, but I was unable
to figure out where it is happening.

Many thanks in advance,


[1] delegate setup
exec delegated -v -P443  \
               RELIABLE="*" REACHABLE="*" SERVER=https  \
                FCL="./sslway -ac" \
               PERMIT="*:*:*"   \
	       MOUNT="/local/* /user/deldir/.delegate/htdocs/*" \
               REMITTABLE=+,http,ftp,https  RELAY=delegate \
	       ACTDIR=../tmp TMPDIR=../tmp \

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