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[DeleGate-En] Re: File size issue with FTP cache
25 May 2006 05:24:58 GMT (Yutaka Sato)
The DeleGate Project


I uploaded delegate9.2.2-pre3c.tar.gz at

 - supported ABOR command for MODE XDC (DeleGate-DeleGate mode)
 - enabled caching file larger than 4GB in MODE XDC
 - supported REST command larger than 4GB
 - fixed bad (random) file access mode with -DSTAT64 (since 9.2.2-pre3a)

"MODE XDC" is a special file transfer mode between DeleGates, in which
data-connections are not created and files are transferred on the control-
connection.  To make it possible, transferred data is encoded in base64,
thus it eats not negligible CPU time for a large file and slower the
transmission.  So I recommend you to disable this feature by specifying:


It might be a default in future.

  D G   Yutaka Sato <>
 ( - )  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
_<   >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan
Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller

In message <_A3244@delegate-en.ML_> on 05/25/06(00:21:58) I wrote:
 | |Problem 1) Downloaded file is longer than original one.
 | |It sort of looks like that there is a problem each 64KB.
 | |Problem 2) The local file is cached.
 | |Anyway: The file is downloaded, and the Master caches the file, and when 
 | |it reaches the 2GB boundary, the server drops the connection.
 |I also encountered the problem and have fixed it in 9.2.2-pre3a and
 |9.2.2-pre2.  The problem 1) was caused by Non-blocking I/O introduced in
 |9.2.2-pre1 to respond to aborting from the client (ABOR command) rapidly.
 |I saw the problem 2) caused with SIGXFSZ signal and fixed it by doing
 |open(fd,O_LARGEFILE) when creating a new cache file.
 |9.2.2-pre2 (a little formal release) includes the fix for 1) only.
 |9.2.2-pre3a includes many fixes for problems by large files as these ones.
 |I should have send the copy of the following message to you:
 |In message [DeleGate-En:3240]
 |<_A3240@delegate-en.ML_> on 05/24/06(11:11:32) I wrote:
 | | |   gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-13)
 | |
 | |I uploaded delegate9.2.2-pre3a.tar.gz at
 | |
 | |
 | | - it can be compiled with make CFLAGS="-DSTAT64 -O3" in my Debian 3.1
 | | - it can serve FTP data larger than 2GB (and larger than 4GB)
 | | - it can cache FTP data larger than 2GB (and larger than 4GB)
 | | - it displays correct size of data larger than 4GB in FTP message and log
 | | - it fixes the problem of broken-data by Non-blocking I/O (since 9.2.2-pre1)
 |In message <_A3243@delegate-en.ML_> on 05/24/06(23:12:21)
 |you Steffen Kaiser <> wrote:
 | |> What happens without -D_LARGEFILE64_SOURCE ?
 | |
 | |this:
 | |
 | |gcc -DSTAT64 -x c++ -DQS -DNONC99 -I../include -DSTAT64 -c
 | | In function `int set_utimes(const char *, int, int)':
 | | aggregate `struct FileStat st' has incomplete type and 
 | |cannot be initialized
 | | type `stat64' is not yet defined
 |Do you see it with recent Gccs? with Gcc on Debian 3.1 (Sarge ?)
 |Since I rewrote DeleGate to cope with C++ in DeleGate/8.10.0, I encountered
 |problems in old Gccs like 2.9X so it is recommended to use Gcc after 3.X
 |to compile DeleGate.
 | |Problem 3) cd works exactly one time
 |I'll examine the problem.

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