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[DeleGate-En] Re: problem with CGI on Windows?
03 May 2006 17:02:59 GMT Martin Vetter <>


> Does your DeleGate starts normally if you compile it without the  
> patch?
> Which version of VC++ are you using?

I tried to compile delegate on three PCs, using Visual Studio .NET 2003.
only one of them was able to generate a running binary,
which still doesn't seem to work right.

we have so many versions of Visual Studio, VC++, cygwin etc installed
on our workstations, perhaps I have to setup a new compile host :o(

>> but it would be really nice if it did :o)
> not for us but for your boss B)

sorry for taking so much of your time,
but I (and my boss ;o) thought it would be quite convenient,
if delegate supported the same features on Windows and Unix ...

> Anyway, I uploaded 9.2.0-pre12 binary including
> the patch for windows CGI and extensions for access counter.

the CGI feature now works on Windows, thanks :o)
and the next problem shows up ...

   cat test.bat
   @echo Content-Type: text/plain
   @echo Hello World!

   ./dg9_2_0-pre12.exe -P8000 SERVER=http ADMIN=dummy DGROOT=tmp \
                       MOUNT="/cgi-bin/* cgi:test.bat" FTOCL=-cat -f


results in:

   (WIN) 19:52.699 [300] ERROR wait3() no child
   (WIN) 20:00.605 [300] spawn() = 444 [1752], children 
(alive=1,total=1) 0.000s
   (WIN) 20:00.652 [1752] spawn() = 492 [976], children 
(alive=1,total=1) 0.016s
   (WIN) 20:00.871 [1752] spawn(...\test.bat) = 456, no response from  
child, 259,1/0
   (WIN) 20:00.871 [1752] return HANDLE for pid: 456
   (WIN) 20:00.871 [1752] select() = -1 [errno=(0 / 10038)]
   (WIN) 20:00.871 [1752] #### ERROR: select() applied to non-SOCKET  
   (WIN) 20:01.074 [1752] select() = -1 [errno=(0 / 10022)]
   (WIN) 20:01.074 [1752] select() = -1 [errno=(0 / 10022)]
   (WIN) 20:01.074 [1752] select() = -1 [errno=(0 / 10022)]
   (WIN) ...

the last line repeats until the delegate process is terminated.

it seems that the CGI execution mechanism is
conflicting with content filtering via FTOCL.
FTOSV seems to work ...

best regards :o)


Martin Vetter (ilink)

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