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[DeleGate-En] MSVCR70.DLL needed for SSL on Windows
19 Apr 2006 12:23:11 GMT Martin Vetter <>


somehow I missed this in the documentation and forum postings,
please correct me if I'm mistaken:

it seems to me, that to use DeleGate's SSL support on Windows,
you not only need the provided LIBEAY32.DLL and SSLEAY32.DLL,
but also the MSVCR70.DLL of MS Visual Studio.

without this C++ runtime, DeleGate quietly hangs during startup,
when trying to dynamically load the SSL library DLLs.

both Windows servers I have access to had no MSVCR70.DLL installed,
so perhaps this could save someone else some time of fiddling around ;o)



Martin Vetter (ilink)

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