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Implicit SSL protection of the FTP session
  04/01-01:37 . 3175  Marcelo Spohn <> [56]
  Dear Yutaka, I'm using CURL because of its rich feature set ... of course, I got a little bit disappointed when I've found out it makes use of implicit SSL protection =-O Again, thanks for your quic
Delegate XMPP
  04/06-12:31 . 3176  "Jon Keys" <> [29]
  Hello, Thank you for contributing delegate to the opensource community. It is much appreciated! Is there any plan to incorporate the xmpp protocol in the near future? I am particularly interested in
  04/06-16:25 . 3177 (Yutaka Sato) [19]
  Hi, on 04/06/06(12:29:05) Your message pushed it into the the TODO list of DeleGate :) A little more description about what you think DeleGate should do as a proxy for XMPP will give it more priorit
a fix for FSV=sslway as a MountOption (Re: DeleGate-Report: SIGSEGV)
  04/07-01:11 . 3178 (Yutaka Sato) [75]
  I received an automatic bug-report by DeleGate forwarded by Martin (thanks). It shows a SIGSEGV is occured in the interpretation of MOUNT with "FSV=sslway" option, maybe like this: MOUNT="/* https:/
Delegate XMPP
  04/07-03:23 . 3179  "Jon Keys" <> [85]
  Yutaka, That's great news! Besides the obvious (port redirection / static server:port redirection / etc...) maybe support for ssl / tls encryption would be good. It may already work with your existi
delegate strips leading slash for ftp absolute paths
  04/07-08:16 . 3180 [35]
  I'm using delegate to proxy ftp requests to a remote server, but hit a problem. I am running delegate with the following config: /usr/bin/delegated -f -P21 SERVER=ftp PERMIT="*:*:*" REMITTABLE="*" M
  04/08-18:36 . 3181 (Yutaka Sato) [62]
  I've not yet read the problem but at least it must be like MOUNT="/ftproot/* ftp://ftphost/ftproot/*" instread of yours: MOUNT="/ftproot* ftp://ftphost/ftproot/*" Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <y.s
Hostlist wildcard for unqualified domain name?
  04/09-19:29 . 3182  Snow <> [22]
  [Resend: I got a "554 not include keyword" the first time, so I'm adding "Delegate" to the Subject. Sorry if this arrives twice] Hi, Is there any way to match unqualified domain names? I'm trying to
  04/09-21:39 . 3183 (Yutaka Sato) [42]
  Hi, You are right. In the current implementation, "*.*" is expanded to "[0-255].[0-255]" to match with any IP address. To suppress the inrepretation as an IP address, prefix "-" to a host name or a
  04/09-23:22 . 3184  Snow <> [25]
  Thanks Yutaka, that got it working for me. As a side-note DGROOT=. doesn't seem to work if the binary is not in the PATH or includes the extension. I'm using Windows XP SP2. eg dg9_1_1 DGROOT=. # wo
  04/09-23:51 . 3185 (Yutaka Sato) [31]
  Snow, As long as I know, DeleGate does not support specifying DGROOT in a relative-path. It is ignored with the message like this: -delegate[12345]- bad DGROOT=. DGROOT=C:/Program Files/DeleGate I a
overlaid servers causes problems
  04/14-18:44 . 3186 [21]
  I have delegate configured like this (though all on one line): delegated -P21 SERVER=ftp LOGDIR=/var/log LOGFILE=delegate-21 CACHE=no PERMIT="*:*:*" REMITTABLE="*" MOUNT="/a/b/*
  04/16-05:56 . 3187 (Yutaka Sato) [46]
  I think the following should be used instead of your second MOUNT: MOUNT="/a/b/c/d/e/f/g/* ftp://otherhost/*" Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) N
  04/17-13:05 . 3188 [24]
  I tried your suggestion with changing the mounts so I now have: delegated -P21 SERVER=ftp LOGDIR=/var/log LOGFILE=delegate-21 CACHE=no PERMIT="*:*:*" REMITTABLE="*" MOUNT="/a/b/*
MSVCR70.DLL needed for SSL on Windows
  04/19-21:23 . 3189  Martin Vetter <> [28]
  hi, somehow I missed this in the documentation and forum postings, please correct me if I'm mistaken: it seems to me, that to use DeleGate's SSL support on Windows, you not only need the provided LI
Issue with INETD in delegate 9.1.1
  04/20-09:05 . 3190  Keith Sparacin <> [57]
  I am using INETD lines in delegate 8.9.5 on Solaris 8. I am trying to upgrade delegate because 8.9.5 core dumps after adding a large number of INETD lines to the delegate.conf file. I hoping this is
  04/20-12:24 . 3191 (Yutaka Sato) [35]
  Hi, Hmm, I found that it was disabled in 8.10.3-pre7. I'll fix it as the enclosed patch in the next release. Cheers, Yutaka D G Yutaka Sato <> ( - ) Na
  04/20-12:28 . 3192 (Yutaka Sato) [40]
  Sorry, I enclosed an irrelevant patch in the former message. Use the patch in this message. Hi, Hmm, I found that it was disabled in 8.10.3-pre7. I'll fix it as the enclosed patch in the next releas
  04/20-12:58 . 3193  Keith Sparacin <> [49]
  Yutaka, I applied the patch to 9.1.1 and it fixed the problem. Thank you very much for your quick response. Keith
MSVCR70.DLL needed for SSL on Windows
  04/21-08:18 . 3194 (Yutaka Sato) [32]
  Hi, You are right. My Windows (XP) pops up a window saying MSVCR70.dll not found. The DLL file might be redistributable freely, but I'm not sure. You'll find it on the Internet, or somewhere in your
Delegate: build error for VC6 and sockaddr_in6
  04/23-02:30 . 3195  Snow <> [32]
  Hi, I had difficultly building delegate due to the error: cl -O -nologo -DQS -I../include -c teleportd.cpp -Foteleportd.o teleportd.cpp .../include\vsocket.h(118) : error C2011: 'sockaddr_in6' : 'st
Delegate: Invalid DNS name causes infinite loop
  04/23-02:36 . 3196  Snow <> [65]
  Hi, If a computer's name has an underscore in it (eg, then resolving it will sometimes cause Delegate to go into an infinite loop and stop answering requests. The loop doesn't
  04/24-07:43 . 3197 (Yutaka Sato) [61]
  Hi, It makes the loop because of you setup the loop as you described. I can reproduce the loop it as this: (setting as the DNS server of the Windows host) This query2 is issued by inet_pto
  04/24-17:39 . 3198 (Yutaka Sato) [36]
  The inet_pton() of WinSock seems to issue DNS query when the given string contains a character which should not appear in an address. So filtering such ones before inet_pton() will be effective. I d
problem with CFI on Windows?
  04/25-02:07 . 3199  Martin Vetter <> [55]
  I would like to use a perl-based CFI filter, using delegate 9.1.1 on Windows 2000 SP4: type dummy.bat @rem this batch file performs a filter op @perl -le "print <STDIN>" this filter is invoked from
  04/25-04:15 . 3200 (Yutaka Sato) [51]
  Martin, It's wrong for you to use DeleGate on Windows, espacially with a little complecated features like CFI :p The first byte seems buffered in the FILE structure with non-buffering mode and lost
  04/26-19:54 . 3201  Martin Vetter <> [32]
  Hi Yutaka, I would use Mac OS X or Linux, but my boss prefers Windows ;o) I tried and failed to compile the sources on Windows. I have Visual Studio installed and everything seems to compile fine, b
a question about using delegate as a https to other protocol gateway
  04/26-23:46 . 3202  "dawn kishot" <> [43]
  hi, i need work on a different lan computers, in a network that the only way out of it is by an http/https proxy. i want to connect for example to ssh on a host on the internet but today i can't do
problem with CFI on Windows?
  04/27-21:31 . 3203 (Yutaka Sato) [57]
  Martin, It's a sad but usual story :p At least I can make it with VC5 by "make-vc.bat" in the distribution file, and with VC7 by the enclosed batch file. I uploaded 9.2.0-pre9 with extensions for ac
gethostbyname2 and Solaris 8
  04/28-04:21 . 3204  "Schuck, Bruce P - San Mateo, CA" <> [17]
  Hello Yutaka, Delegate 9.1.1 has issues being compiled on Solaris 8 (SPARC). The resolvy/reshost.c program calls gethostbyname2. This function does not exist on Solaris 8 (I believe the same is true
Delegate: Invalid DNS name causes infinite loop
  04/28-05:33 . 3205  Snow <> [29]
  Thanks Yutaka. I've been using it for 2 days with no problems, so the patch seems to have fixed it. Snow
add disclaimer
  04/29-18:04 . 3206  <> [3]
  Is it possible to use delegate to add a disclaimer to every outgoing smtp-email, how would i set this up ?
  04/30-20:18 . 3207 (Yutaka Sato) [37]
  I have no experience about it but it should work like follows: /// run DeleGate with the following parameters delegated -P25 SERVER=smtp FTOSV=disclaimer.cfi /// the content of DGROOT/lib/disclaimer
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