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[DeleGate-En] running delegate from inetd - help!
02 Mar 1999 05:21:42 GMT (Steve Mane)

I'm trying to configure delegate to be run as an http proxy from inetd.  Here is the line from inetd.conf:

dhttp  stream  tcp  nowait  nobody  /usr/local/sbin/delegated SERVER=http RELIABLE="10.52.4.[2-9]"

If I run this from a shell (adding the -Pxxxx) it works perfectly, but when I try to access it from inetd I get this response on my client browser:

PSTITLE: Could not execute COMMAND: SERVER=http
 with the OWNER uid/gid: nobody/nobody(nobody/nobody)
 at the DIR: /
You should check that you can execute the COMMAND
 at the DIR with the access right of the OWNER.
proc_title_init: No such file or directory

What's going on??  I've tried to figure out the exact meanings in the documentation, but it's difficult..does anyone have an example they can email me?  Thanks!

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