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[DeleGate-En] Re: Timeout issues
30 Jan 2006 19:09:17 GMT Gertjan Klein <>


>Sorry the executable seems broken so that it cannot do getpeername() and

No worries.

>So I uploaded recompiled version dg9_0_6-pre2dbg2.exe, try this one please.

OK, tried that one. I can now reproduce the problem with the extra
debugging info. Note that the amount of debugging data is now too much
for the scrollback buffer of the Windows command prompt, so I changed
the commandline arguments to:

dg9_0_6-pre2dbg2.exe -f -P8080 RES_DEBUG="-1" -W4 RESOLV=sys SERVER=http
  FSV=sslway DGROOT="c:/program files/delegate"
  PERMIT="*:*:*" REMITTABLE="*" LOGFILE="c:/temp/dg_log2.txt"

I hope that doesn't impact the actual debugging information!

The log file can be found here:

Note that the timeout happens two times now, and the second time takes
two minutes (the first one).

After the timeouts have expired I get an additional error (in a popup

Can't find Ordinal 2596 in DLL file LIBEAY32.dll

(Translated, it pops up in Dutch on my system.) I'm assuming I need a
newer version of that DLL, but as this only pops up after the two
timeouts have expired I'm hoping this doesn't impact debugging the issue
at hand.

Thanks again,
Gertjan Klein <>

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