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[DeleGate-En] sockmux via ssltunnel - minor bug
03 Dec 2005 23:38:52 GMT Martin Papadopoulos <>

hello yutaka,

i have been observing a minor bug when connecting to a sockmuxserver via

x: delegate -Phostx:88 SERVER=sockmux SERVER="telnet.....-P8023" PORT=8025
y: delegate SERVER=sockmux://hostx:88 SSLTUNNEL=ssltunnelhost:sslport 

when connecting to port 8025 on hostx, the hosty attempts to do the
first connect to the smtp port via the ssltunnel ,
wich ofcourse is not correct since
the smtp-sockmuxed-port is not beyond the ssltunnel.
the error appears only while the session is initated at first.
it works out in the end , but there is no need to do this i guess :-)


martin papadopoulos

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