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[DeleGate-En] Re: Problems with MOUNT and SMTP, AUTHORIZER and mail protocols
19 Jul 2005 17:44:14 GMT (Yutaka Sato)
The DeleGate Project


On 07/20/05(00:26) you =?windows-1251?Q?=D1=E5=F0=E3=E5=E9=20=D1=FB=F0=E5=F1=EA=E8=ED?= <> wrote
in <_A3034@delegate-en.ML_>
 |>  |07/15 15:32:48.27 [30849] 1+0: gethostbyname( unknown[0.00s] 
 |> Mapping the domain part of a mail address to the hostname, where a mail
 |> to the domain is to be sent, is a very generic and standardized mechanism
 |> supported by DNS as MX record.  So you should be use it specifying
 |> "dns" in the RESOLV parameter.  "-MX.domain" in DeleGate means to retrieve
 |> the MX host of the domain.  As an example, has its MX as follows:
 |Specifying "dns" in the RESOLV parameter did really help. I thought that "sys" would be enough.

Since "sys" means using the standard gethostbyname() function (for A record
even if the resolver is DNS), there is no way to get a MX record by it.

 |The new RFC with "_pop_.tcp" didn't work for me.

I expect it to be widely deployed in the future.

 |Maybe I did something wrong, but this doesn't matter because as I have found out most of free e-mail sites have DNS aliases such as,,, and so on. So I think it is a good idea to try, or automatically if fails to respond mail 
 |protocol. Maybe add this function to DeleGate? Is it now posible to configure DeleGate to use prefixes to sever names if connect to fails?


 |Now I have another problem. AUTHORIZER=-pam always fails for pop, imap and smtp. The log file follows:
 |------------ LOGFILE STARTS ------------
 |07/16 02:18:35.01 [24673] 0+0: --INITIALIZATION START: 9.0.3-pre29 on Linux/2.4.25-MCBC3.2.5--
 |07/16 02:20:14.27 [24701] 2+0: IMAP LOGIN  "username" @
 |07/16 02:20:15.12 [24701] 2+0: ConnectToServer connected [8] { <-} [0.846s]
 |07/16 02:20:15.12 [24701] 2+0: willSTLS_SV: ServerFlags=10
 |07/16 02:20:16.08 [24701] 2+0: >>>> * OK Mail.Ru IMAP server ready.^M
 |07/16 02:20:16.08 [24701] 2+0: >>>> 1 LOGIN "username" ****
 |07/16 02:20:16.08 [24701] 2+0: willSTLS_SV: ServerFlags=10
 |07/16 02:20:16.08 [24701] 2+0: [0.00,-1][AUTH cache-NONE] /opt/delegate/adm/authorizer/delegate.-.pam/39777b8042b16051733b1ee3c2cfcd96-cache
 |07/16 02:20:16.09 [24701] 2+0: ## dgpam = /opt/delegate/subin/dgpam
 |07/16 02:20:17.18 [24701] 2+0: ## dgpam -a delegate username = HTTP/1.0 401^M
 |07/16 02:20:17.19 [24701] 2+0: ## Auth/PAM = -1 <username:****@-delegate.-.pam>
 |07/16 02:20:17.19 [24701] 2+0: AUTHORIZER=-pam/delegate host=[-pam] user=[username] -> NO

I suppose this is the problem fixed with the patch in [DeleGate-En:3026]
which was applied to 9.0.3-pre30.

 |Another problem that I want to ask about is that when using MOUNT to add a prefix to server name, eg. MOUNT="//*%S/%S imap://imap.*%(0):143/%(1)@%(0)", DeleGate says "ERROR MOUNT.rhost[1] imap. ? unknown
 |" and initiates restart on config err. You can see this in the logfile fragment above. Is it possible to make DeleGate not to check host "imap." or not to restart after this "error"?

The warning has been suppressed by the patch in [DeleGate-En:3029]
which was applied to 9.0.3-pre31.

 |One more problem is that swft fails to compile on my system:
 |cc  -o swft -DMAIN -I../include swft.c ../lib/library.a ../lib/libsubst.a ../lib/libsubstx.a
 |/tmp/cc0C41JK.o(.text+0x18e2): In function `swfFilter':
 |: undefined reference to `copyfile1'
 |collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
 |And I have several questions:
 |- Will you incorporate the mount-add-servername-prefix patch in DeleGate?

In 9.0.3-pre31.

 |- Are there any success stories of making antivirus, antispam, adwertisement-removing software work with DeleGate? I mean are there any ready to use configs or howtos?

I'm not sure but someone seem using it with an AntiVirus program as a CFI
filter.  I have a plan to support ICAP in 9.X and it will be helpful to
make DeleGate work with AntiVirus filters in practical performance.

 |- Where can I read about using swft? What are bdtee and bdthru for?

They were tentative and were almost obsoleted.

  D G   Yutaka Sato <>
 ( - )  National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
_<   >_ 1-1-4 Umezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-8568 Japan
Do the more with the less -- B. Fuller

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