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[DeleGate-En] A question about MOUNT
14 Jul 2005 14:47:23 GMT Сергей Сырескин <>

Hello, Yutaka!

I have the following problem with using DeleGate as a mail proxy with
authentication. There is a public internet mail server with pop, imap
and smtp. It has addresses, and,
while user accounts are,, etc. I.e. not and user1@mail..

When a user tries to login to the mail server with any of the
protocols mentioned above via DeleGate proxy, DeleGate tries to
contact server named without prefix "pop.", "imap.", or
"smpt." and ofcourse it fails, as there is no such server.

I tried to solve this problem with rewriting destination server path
with MOUNT option looking something like this:
MOUNT="//*%S/%S imap://imap.*%(0):143/%(1)".
I tried many different variants of MOUNT syntax. Some of them failed
with a record in log file saying that server "imap." not found, one of
them resulted in path imap://imap./

So, is there any way to solve my problem?

And I have the following proposals for future releases of DeleGate:
- write a more clear manual on using scanf pattern matching in MOUNT;
- use sed-like or perl-like regexp in MOUNT, ex.
- remove the irrelevant slash "/" simbol in the above example, i.e.
make possible doing "imap://" instead of
"imap://imap./" with MOUNT.

P.S. Thank you a lot for a really unique and full-featured product!

With best regards,
       Serge Sireskin

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