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[DeleGate-En] Re: news proxy expire - how ?
10 Jul 2005 09:57:43 GMT "damir" <>

> On 07/10/05(04:39) you feedback@delegate.. (Yutaka Sato) wrote
> in <_A3007@delegate-en.ML_>
>  |The argument "-atime 30d" in the log means "not accessed (just) for
>  |that is, the "last access date" of a file is just 30days old.
>  |If this expire is done every day, there should be no file of which
>  |"last access date" is older than 30days.  But if it is not the case,
>  |or if you shortened the expire period, files older than 30days will
>  |be left without expired.
>  |
>  |Thus specify as "-expire +30" to indicate "not accessed for 30days or
> Sorry, this was my misunderstanding.
>  |The reference manual says that "-expire 3" means "-atime +3", but the
>  |implementation has not been consistent with it.  So I'll fix it as
>  |the enclosed patch.
> Although the arguments of "expire" command of DeleGate follows that of
> "find" program on Unix, "-atime N" in DeleGate means "-atime +N".
> So it was not the problem of the implementation.
> Thus the possible situation is that
>  - all of your cache files are accessed from the client within 30days, or
>  - your cache files are accessed (scanned) by some program within 30days
> In these case, "-atime" does not fit your usage, and "-mtime" should
> be used instead.  "-mtime" means the last modified time (or creation time)
> of a file.  With -expire in CRON, it can be like "-expire 0 -mtime +30".

Well I really wont only that not come into situation that my disc is full
and that delegate stop to work.
I need some kind of "automation" in delete cashe files , so I think that the
easy way is to delete files older than 30 days (I mean to date of creating
This is also not perfect ... because why not to save text messages oder than
30 days? this messages are not big ... and offten are usefull after 300 days
... let say some tips or advices like you give me now ... this tips can be
usefull someone other after let say 60 days.
But binaries message are big and after 30 days they are usually not useless
(nobody dont want to download "old hits" or old PC game)... let say some
temporary music hits in mp3 format ... and these messages are use lot of
space on disc .
So my conclusion is that is best way to implement somehow combination betwen
old text (small files) and old binaries (bigger than 100b) files ... let say
delete small files older than 100 days , and delete big files older than 30

For now Im install with this parameters and I will see for few days will be
delegate delete files:
dg.exe -P128 SERVER=nntp EXPIRE=30d CRON="0 * * * * -expire expire 0 -mtime
+30" MOUNT="= nntp://" CACHE=do
DGROOT="D:\" ADMIN="admin@somewhere.."

Also this newsserver is free for reading (max 2 simult. connections) and
closed for posting.
It will be nice that delegate can post to other server ...
And for now I was notice something strange with this newsserver ...
Well there is some binaries groups let say
I use Grabit ... binary news reader , so when I download files from this
server via delegate i recently see error message :Wrong article size .
Then I try to download directly there is no problem ... it looks that
delegate have some problems in comunication with this news server.

Thanks for help!

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