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[DeleGate-En] Y2000 & Security in Delegate 5.8.8
13 Feb 1999 16:12:23 GMT Luc Stepniewski <>


I got no answer about my Y2000 question. So I looked by myself in 
the source.

About Y2000, I didn't find anything wrong, well, I'm no expert at
finding Y2000 bugs at all :-)
Most of year computations are in the Strftime.c.

Another thing I found (which really bother me) is about security of Delegate.
There are so many sprintf() and fixed size arrays declarations that I stopped
at the 10th ;-(
Well in fact ALL of your arrays are fixed size !
Most of your arrays are sized to 1024 bytes, so I guess I could easily
crash the Delegate server or get Delegate to execute some silly code.

Maybe you should take a look at the snprintf() function, and malloc() ?


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